Six into 007 will go

Activision has announced its next James Bond-based game, but the important number isn’t 007, but rather six.

That’s how many different movies will be featured in the game, though what the movies will be and how this will work hasn’t been revealed. The game, 007 Legends, is being pitched as a 50th anniversary celebration, though 1962 marked the first movie release rather than the first appearance of Bond in print which came nine years earlier.

Some details have been confirmed: as well as the story mode there’ll be an Mi6 ops mode (think Spec Ops from Call of Duty), multiplayer with both online and four-player split-screen options, and an option to replay missions as either Bond’s companions or enemies. There will also be support for Kinect.

The story mode itself is the mystery, with Activision simply saying that “Creating a videogame storyline that ties together six popular, yet very different, Bond movie narratives can be challenging, but together with EON Productions our developer Eurocom has pulled it off.”

It has been confirmed that one of the movies will be the forthcoming Skyfall with Daniel Craig. Having six movies may simply be a coincidence, but there’s something of an assumption that there will be one movie for each of the main movie actors. That would mean there’s not much mystery about which George Lazenby movie would be picked.

I’m not entirely convinced this is a dead cert however, partly because Activision may not have the image rights to all six actors, and partly because it’s hard to think of a credible way to bring this together in a story. I think we can probably rule out a Three Doctors/Five Doctors time-travel regeneration style affair.

Instead I suspect it’s more likely to be a single story that brings together recognizable elements from the six movies, without any explicit reference to the actors concerned. After all, the character is the same throughout, and the chronology of Bond is inherently vague (Skyfall clearly can’t be set 50 years after Dr No), so there’s no logical barrier to combining elements from different movies into a single narrative.

Still, I’m no Bond expert, so I’ll hand you over to a man who most definitely is…


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  1. I think the prevailing theory these days is that James Bond is a title, rather than a single person.

    In the same way M and Q are jobs, positions, Bond could just be the name given to any operative proven to be worthwhile.

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