Your Medical Diagnosis Options

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  1. Ah, yes, socialized medicine… "You have cancer. You are allowed to schedule your next appointment in two years. Assuming you're still alive, that is… Have a nice day, eh?"

    • hahahah only a person living in a country without national health insurance would say so. We who live in countries with it knows this is not true :3 But I dearly hope that one day all people will have the benefit of national health care.

    • privatised medicine… "you have cancer. we have ways to treat it but your insurance company says that because you stubed your toe as a child and did not inform them, you are not covered.
      however you can pay your self, it will only cost you $500k and your first born child…"

    • This is sad. That's the story they are giving you to avoid national health care and thus spend their money on warfare and other shitty stuff. And you're buying it.

  2. Obama wanted to bring you nationalised healthcare but you rejected the idea as 'socialist and therefore bad' – silly Americans.

  3. and again im incredibly happy to live in a county where EVERYONE has health ensureance .. if i feel sick i simply go to see a doctor, without wasting only one secound thinking wether i can afford that or not ..

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