Mathematicians: Your New Career [Video]

Comic author Rob Reid gives you a run-down of a new subject that I’m sure will be available for a Bachelor’s Degree by 2014 at least. Copyright Math involves explaining how despite revenue increases for movies, TV, satellite, cable, and radio are all up; our economy is still making a loss of $58 billion dollars. Oh yes, the answer is positively thrilling and totally reasonable.

It also explains how your iPod may just be worth $8 billion dollars. And 75,000 jobs. As a Copyright Mathematician you will become an esteemed consultant for copyright infringement departments across the world, to explain why SOPA and ACTA are important, nay, vital for maintaining a stable, strong economy.

Imagine the joy of being able to tell your geeky torrent-downloading friends that they have stolen goods amounting to billions of dollars in their pockets?

This may all seem ridiculous, but of course, that’s why there are experts. To tell us we’re wrong.

So if you’re studying Mathematics and someone asks you what kind of careers you can get doing a degree in Mathematics, you’ve got another job prospect to add to your list!

I can’t wait for his next talk: he’s going to reveal how aliens are disrupting our economy through piracy! I always knew extra-terrestrial life couldn’t be trusted.

[Via TED]

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