Rumor Has the iPad 3

Image credit: MacRumors

As with almost any upcoming Apple product, rumor runs rampant and speculation goes wild in the ramp up to the iPad 3 announcement – which we’re all now expecting on March 7th. Will it have this, that, and the kitchen sink thrown in? As the cyber world expands, it becomes more and more difficult to figure out what people know, what people say they know, and who’s lying about everything they write just to see what people say and do.

But, of course, you may still be curious about it and want to dip your toe into the raging river of rumors and find out what may or may not materialize from the secret vaults of the Apple headquarters. Those waters are mighty terrifying though. You don’t want to get swept away in the incredible imaginations of techno-geeks everywhere only to be thoroughly disappointed with the reality. Don’t we get enough of that in other realms of life?!

Well luckily for us, Wired has done the heavy lifting, so we don’t have to worry about sifting out the interesting from the mildly absurd wishful thinking. They’ve given a full scoop of what’s been blogged out there, and what’s got the most (or least) corroboration.

The (super) basic summary is this:

  • It’s quite largely accepted that the iPad 3 will contain a 1080p camera, a dual-core A5 processor, and Siri built in (Hi Siri, I love you!).
  • The display has been tossed over many times over the last few months, and the latest reported specimen is said to have four time the pixels of the iPad 2 screen. Key word for this and all other display rumors: untested.
  • It would make sense for Apple to upgrade the quality of the camera to HD. It would make sense for Apple to do a lot of things that they don’t do however, so you can never be sure. An 8-megapixel camera seems to be the flavour of choice, but no one can really prove they’ve really gotten their hands on an iPad 3 yet so…
  • There’s supposedly going to be 4G capability – and this one was reported in The Wall Street Journal on February 14th, stating that the device will be running on AT&T and Verizon’s LTE networks.
  • The iPad 3 will not be looking too much different from its predecessor. That’ll be a relief to any who hated the iPhone redesign from 3 to 4. And perhaps a disappointment for any who didn’t really appreciate the original iPad design as much as Samsung did.
  • There is also supposedly going to be a ‘high-end’ and a ‘mid-range’ version of the iPad: iPad minis! How exciting.

For the full details, check out Wired’s article on it, or the roundup at M.I.C. Gadget.

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