Oh the Horror: New Preschool Transformers Toy Has Balls [Pic]

This, ladies and gentlegeeks, is one of the first toys from Hasbro’s My First Transformers, a new line of preschool transforming toys geared toward children 2 and up. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not exactly sure what this huge ball is supposed to be doing, especially since it is located.. well… in the crotch area.

Oh well… maybe the real problem is me! I am spending a whole lot of time online after all. 40+ hours per week on the Internet can do strange things to a geek’s mind, I’m pretty sure of that.



9 Responses to Oh the Horror: New Preschool Transformers Toy Has Balls [Pic]

  1. Toys that came out in 1986 are hardly a "new line" ..

    Now for that one, he is a little, odd. After all, 1 ball, 2 dangly bits?

  2. I actually had this one as a kid, and yeah, when you put the feet back in the driver pops out, and that is his helet you see as the blue ball in the center.

    • That's even more disturbing. A helmeted head "pops out" in the crotch area with two dangly bits. Yyyyeeeaahh. I don't think that's an overreaction. I think that's a WTF moment in toy design. O_o

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