Geek vs. Nerd: The Infographic

A friend of mine just sent me this infographic with Geeks are Sexy in mind… and while most of it gives us the facts, I think it puts a little too much emphasis on geeks being hipsters, which I don’t think is all that true. So what do you guys think? Do you agree the the “facts” listed below? And according to the infographic, are you a geek or a nerd?

Geeks vs Nerds

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  1. Geek = Nerd….sorry – there is no dividing line between the two, and one is not better than the other. YOU are trying to be a hipster….which you can do, while still being a nerd or geek. (Beware, being a hipster has it's own ridiculous cliche downfalls, including making blogs and charts that are trying to teach people how to be "hip".)

    • agreed, some random hipster must have gotten the word hipster and geek mixed up… Either way, I am a nerd and a geek, just not according to this chart.

    • I think you're wrong. Also the term dork must be defined and thrown in as well. And you forget that hipster also refers to people who think that Geeks and Nerds are the same thing, because if they do, they probably exclude themselves from both groups, and think they are "Hipper" than geeks and nerds.

    • I always saw Geek vs Nerd as a Nerd is more about academic pursuits while geeks are more about things that don't really matter. For instance a Nerd is a scientist and a Geek is a comic book shop owner.

      • See, I can't see that one. I am a self proclaimed geek, but I have always had (well, after I got out of high school, then I was just a rebel) a love for the academics. Going back now and just can't get enough. I also have a ton of comic books. I've always seen the difference between the two as a social standard.

        • Most geeks I know are highly educated. Both Nerds and Geeks are educated. Nerds tend to be only academic to the point of not having social skills. (Dorks however are idiots trying to be smart/nerdy, and failing miserably) Yes the difference between Geeks and Nerds is social skills.

      • Geeks don't own comic book shops.. thats nerds and dorks. Geeks are more socially aware but can be equally educated as Nerds.

        If you watch Big Bang Theory, they're all kinda nerdy.. but Sheldon is pure nerd, and Leonard is a geek.

  2. They are blending the line between the two. Even according to posts on this site it should be geeks/nerds are sexy. I say burn this infographic.

    • I agree. I'm a geek/nerd and I can't stand his movies (for the most part). While many geeks may like his movies, I think his movies don't fit in the geek category. This guy knew one geek and based the whole graphic on that guy.

    • If someone said "I love Anchorman, I'm such a geek" I'd punch them.

      This article is the reason both words have become meaningless.

  3. wtf…that article is bullshit, since when Mac users are geek? Mac users are just lambs who love to be told what to do/buy/say/how to dress, lucky for the world that Mac will fall in 5 years tops

  4. i think these terms are switched around… i consider myself a nerd but most of my stuff is on the geek side but either way i think they are still the same thing despite this

  5. the title should be "Hipster who call themselves geeks vs nerds / geeks".

    i remember before being a geek was cool, that geeks were the nerds who play with computers, both considered an insult for most people. i wonder when this has changed.

  6. This is so wrong…as i read this my first thought is that people that call themeselves geeks are just nerds that hate that word. I am any or both or whatever. GEEK PRIDE / NERD PRIDE.

    And on second thought according to this geeks are nerds who try desperately to be, and mac…really??? i mean…really???

  7. That's amusing but ultimately wrong. I'm going with the hybrid theory here (Gerk? Blerd? nice). There are significant portions of both sides that would apply to me. This is just divisive.

  8. I think first, our infographic author needs to learn the difference between geeks and hipsters. If he/she claims to be a geek, I declare shenanigans.

    • It's true that this geek loves Mac, but you would think that Nerds would be smarter than P.C. Once you go mac, why would you ever go back?

      • Actually I will proudly admit to being a nerd and as a nerd I like total control over my computers and tech with no lousy restrictions and sugar coated "ooohhhh shiny" interface. I can do more with a windows/linux, I can easily fix a windows/linux and I can customise every aspect of the interface how I like using a windows/linux. Not only this but there is much more readily available software for windows and linux than there is for a Mac. Also if you give me the line that Macs are safer against viruses I will virtually kick you in the knackers.

    • I agree… silly and arbitrary. I particularly love the lumping of "Mac VS PC" as if there aren't plenty of Geeks/Nerds who use Mac, Linux, AND Windows. Ever hear of dual booting? Or VMs? And these geeks/nerds will likely have a preference of one of these OS that has nothing to do with this chart… As an IT professional (which falls under both Nerd and Geek apparently), I rock all three. It's my job.

      • I'm sure I have a preference but I don't give a flying #%@ about it. I have iPhone and iPad and Windows PC and Laptop, but most of the time I'm thinking about game development, astrophysics, photography or kayaking.

  9. geek/g?k/

    An unfashionable or socially inept person.
    A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest: "a computer geek".

    A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious: "one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance".
    An intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession.
    Source:- the ever unrealiable wikipedia dictionary through google search.

    Shows that their is nearly no difference at all in what is geek or what is nerd.

  10. …."Circus performers that performed amazing feats were Geeks." <—–incorrect.

    "Circus performers that perform sensationally morbid or disgusting acts" are Geeks by true definition.

  11. Does seem to be slightly biased in it's assessment. And I don't know many people at all who like those movies let alone geeks (anchorman is mostly loved by my loudest and most none-geeky/sporty friends).

  12. Also those saying this was made by a hipster i would say have called it correct look at geek talk and nerd talk the nerd sounds more geeky than the geek who sounds more like a hipster amongst other parts of the infographic just reeking of hipsteritis.

  13. I'm glad I said I went with eccentric genius a long time ago. I go all over that chart. Also I can't do MATH or science understand their appeal but they like alien gibberish to me. Give me a novel to deconstruct, words, anthropology, history, mythology, cooking and folklore, I'm at my highest power. I guess I'm like Holmes, I wouldn't care if the Earth went around the sun or the way around unless it was interesting to me and I do. That's it I'm Holmes, I'll go score some coke shall I?

  14. See already you are proving it to be true. It's better to be called a geek than a nerd. Even I have a few nerdy qualities, but I am almost all geek. I just don't know what a Malbec is.

    • Malbec is a type of grape, but you can finesse it by claiming that you prefer pinot noir based wine any way, or the the tanat of bolivia is actually quite interesting…
      There is little risk of refutation in both cases…
      But you should read up, wine is important…
      You can start by "The Drops of God" by Tadashi Agi & Shu Okimoto (it's a fascinating manga), and the movie mondovino (jut to avoid getting into the parker trap)…

  15. This is misinformed, it specify that a nerd use a "PC" and a geek a "Mac", obviously any selfrespecting (and there are no other kind) geek is using "something" that might even be a PC or a Mac (but it is irelevant) with a geek friendly operating system (Linux, some BSD, Haiku and anyway an open source solution, what nerd would accept to give money to somebody who does not want you to look under the hood).
    The two categories described seem to be markedroid and technodrone, neither is a real geek (particularly not a sexy geek -:))

  16. So, according to this info-graphic:
    -I have a Geek interest set plus and interest in Science and Engineering.
    -I prefer Geek music and Nerd movies.
    -I pick Nerd computing over geek computing.
    -I'm currently getting a dual major in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (with a concentration in Aerospace) and minoring in Video Game Design.
    -I Spin Fire (Poi, Staff and Whip), Rock Climb and DJ (Radio and Live Events)- and have an encyclopedic knowledge of all three
    Where does that leave me?

    I'm just going to say that Geek and Nerd are different words for the same thing, and Geek/Nerd-dum is just a spectrum ranging from "they're really passionate and knowledgeable about one thing" to "They know everything about everything"
    No point in trying to separate the two – even though they have different interests, their passion regarding their respective interests is the same.

  17. Considering CosPlay isn't even mentioned in this infographic, I'm curious why it's even on this blog. As sexy, sexy CosPlay seems to be a mainstay.

    Quite honestly, though – I think this infographic is simply an indication that many things that used to be considered as belonging to the realm of "geek" or "nerd" are becoming mainstream. Because as others have noted, "Geek" in this seems to reek of "hipster".

    So "geek" and "nerd" either need to be discontinued or redefined. It's not exactly the iconoclastic arena it used to be.

  18. Geeks are just hipster poseurs. I certainly wouldn't go to a geek for technology advice because it would consist entirely of Steve Jobs adoration and no actual content.

  19. Hmmmm. By the infographic I’m a hybrid of the two mixed in with a lot of redneck and a little bit of jock (just a little bit, mind you). Now I want to kick my own ass and take my lunch money…

  20. that's bs! i am a geek and i have never used apple a day in my life nor will i its a bunch of over priced crap that is for posers wanting to look like they know what there doing. I am A+ cert and also know networking, java, and C++. My job is manager of the it department of a computer company called PC connections. i dont agree with what they put for geek this was defiantly not written by someone who knew what they were talking about i mean the movies they put for geek are horrible (excluding office space.) i love all the nerd movies much better. the person who wrote this needs to step back and not try another infographic. i am a geek and im proud to be a geek!!!!

    • I agree on the movies part. Most of the ones they have under "nerds" are Geek movies. I honestly don't know a geek that really likes Will Ferrell that much. Office Space, Princess Bride, LOTR.. yeah those are staples.

  21. Geek: someone with a passionate interest about at least one topic.

    Nerd: an math / science / technology geek who dumped CHA for INT.

    Jock: a sports geek who dumped CHA / INT for STR / AGI, depending on the sport(s) in question.

    Snob: a geek who's mad at everyone else for not being the same as them.

    Dork: someone who dumped CHA, but didn't put the points anywhere else.

    With that in mind, I hereby coin the term "iSnob" to describe Mac fanatics.

  22. This is a steaming pile of bullshit invented by some macfag hipster with a hardon for Steve Jobs and pretentiousness. The author needs to pull his head out of his arse and learn what a real geek is.

  23. im a geek, but use a pc and despise apple and i also like BSG. not all that accurate in my opinion. I always held that a geek is sort of a jack of all trades in fandom terms, likes games, scifi, anime and various other things while a nerd is more an expert in a certain area and more academic.

    • I think you have that a little backwards. Geeks, while socially more adept, have an expertise in a certain area, just not to the exclusion of everyone around them. Like Film Geeks, Computer Geeks, and Food Geeks. They also tend to like the geeky things but not usually to insane obsession. Nerds have academia (which is about the only thing that separates them from being Dorks), and live in their own special world of games, larp, comics, etc and are obsessed by it to the point of not really having anything else to talk about. Dorks have all the social skills of Nerds, but none of the brains, which makes them crazy annoying.

  24. I think nerd is more like a subset of geek. Geeks are more generic in terms of interests, and nerds are leaning towards academics.

      • I'm guessing you didn't read the comment: "you MISPELLED Hipster wrong".
        Also, with geek becoming more popular and being increasingly forgiving as to who it includes, I can see the day when nerd means: "anyone having any skill whatsoever."

  25. Well, the last point in this presentation is basically saying, without a doubt that we are all Geeks and Nerd because apparently we all have traits of both, including myself. Nonetheless, I am proud to be either called a geek or a nerd, it makes life more fun!

  26. It almost had Geeks VS Nerds right in the first pic, but then went horribly wrong. Geek is not Hipster. Sheesh.. And in the Geek Talk – Nerd Talk one.. the Geek talk should have been the "nerd talk".. and Nerd Talk should have been a long-winded paragraph of facts and figures about something of which no one gives a rat's ass.

    I couldn't even read further along in it.. Such horrid representation of Geek.

  27. This is wrong. This infographic portrays geeks wrongly, these are hipsters…annoying annoying hipsters. Hipsters are not geeks.

  28. That was pretty cool. I Proudly consider myself a Geek, but I have two observations.

    1. At the risk of starting a flame war, Geeks are PC's too, not just Mac geeks.
    2. PLEASE don't portray us Geeks as pretentious hipsters. They are being geeks ironicly, We are doing it for real.

    Being a Geek is not a fad, its your personality. Either you are one or you are not.

    That is all. discuss!

  29. I am a Geek in all point except one. I do not give into iLife. As a gamer I support PC ( although i have every gaming system since the 80's and most of the earlier systems too).

  30. Well, in a Venn diagram, I have over 97% overlap between these 2 non discreet categories. This may leave one vexed to associate either as an absolute.

  31. They also forgot to mention if a beautiful woman interrupted a geek or nerd in the middle of gaming the results would be different. The nerd would tell her to go away because he was in the middle of a Raid. The Geek would pause/stop and proceed to some real action/adventure. :)

  32. a geek I am definitely, but there's no way I would be caught dead using a mac or any ios device (and no other self respecting geek or nerd would they're for self important turtleneck wearing poseurs ) unless I was forced to by work….so that part of your analysis was fatally flawed. Donnie Darko good, the sequel Samantha Darko…not so much

  33. this is the second worthless infographic ive seen like this. IF YOU USE A MAC YOU ARE A COMPUTER ILLITERATE HIPSTER NOT A GEEK. freaking hipsters.

  34. Once again, I have been eliminated from either geek OR nerd status. I guess it's time to coin a term for myself and others like me.

  35. As long as geeks uses Mac-Products, i prefer to be a nerd.
    No more to say.
    When geeks switch to PCs I'l switch to the geek side.
    And I totaly agree to j

  36. I think Mac's were geeky 10-20 Years ago when they were still being produced for Niche markets and were designed for spercific tasks. Now, we have a much more versatile technological market to choose from, Geeks are free to build for a number of spercific requirements at a reasonable cost – Its not about Mac's becoming mainstream, Its about Paying hundreds of dollars for iOS, which is what a 'Mac' now is.
    I also have a gripe with Apple for selling versions of gadgets based on HD size, while locking down the devices (NB: Locking down in this reference refers to lack of expandable storage). Locking down is not very geek,.

    • So these tags were invented by markets? It makes some sense. I think however that people identified with these titles in order to gain the respect that they deserve after having been put down for these grouped interests during early life. But with mixing up of what these names used to signify comes the loss of respect and acknowledgement that one might hope to be affiliated with.

  37. Well, i kinda consider myself a nerd, and this whole thing irritates me. I have social skills but there are subjects I seriously dig. And I -hate- science fiction. It's crap. Frankly, I'm surprised this stupid thing doesn't tell me I'm supposed to like Big Bang Theory. It's one of the least-funny things I've ever seen.

    And yes, I use PCs. I think "mac user" (which would also fit the "geek" profile above) would mean "someone who wants to look smart and cool but can't be bothered to understand anything about their computer."

  38. In am geekish probably(?) because I possess an encyclopedic knowledge of several subjects. But I am not very educated about the guts of computers, so for ease of use in my programs, I have a mac book pro (don't be hater!), and its served me better than my former dell PC laptop. I know that PC's when harnessed correctly have ALLOT more options, I'm just not in the position to take advantage.
    Also, I am annoyingly well read, so would that make me a nerd?
    Finally, I have two shops on Etsy – but I SWEAR I'm not a hipster – swear swear swear!!!

  39. at first i thought this might be interesting, but i was wrong. Just another pointless infographic that some pretentious, arrogant ass(hipster) thought would be cool.

  40. The only difference between a geek and nerd IMO is the social end. I consider nerds to have much less social skills than geeks. . That is all ( you know like being afraid of girls)

  41. I'm a mixture of all of this, not the hipster bit but I do own a mac and a blog, but a blog about books. In the grand scheme of things, I'm a word nerd (it rhymes, that's all) but predominantly I'm a book worm.

  42. This makes me a nerd for sure and proud of it.only thing i don't agree with is Nerds = pc and geek = mac
    Geeks use pc but only for games and use mac's because is cool. nerds use pc and duel boot windows with linux and use mac because its got unix under the hood. BTW Geek is just term adopted by hipsters and lost its meaning

  43. I love that the terms geek and nerd have been defined by every geek, nerd, hipster, dweeb, and know-it-all, and every single one of us has a different definition. I’ve yet to encounter someone who agrees with my ideas of them. As a fantasy writer, diehard fan of LOTR, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, etc. I must fit in somewhere. But I don’t meet the majority of the criteria listed above. Fascinating.

  44. The circus geek's "amazing feats" weren't what you apparently think/hope they were. Instead of juggling clubs, the decapitated body of a chicken would be more fitting (the geek was usually shown as some kind of grotesque "wild man"– and the most popular, the "glomming geek", made a show out of eating live, raw animals).

  45. People take this stuff a bit serious.

    Personally, I tend to divide geeks and nerds by much simpler lines.

    Geek = Someone that is interested in technologies.

    Nerd = Some that is interested in broader academics.

    Anything else falls into either category, and frankly you are going to be a little interested in both, it is just which way you sway more.

    (Also, Macs really? Who the hell would through Macs into this?)

  46. I would consider myself an Outcast i guess. I hate modern games but like old games. I hate pop-culture. I look very plain. Never had a girlfriend. I have a love-hate issue with PCs. I like anime, manga, comics, art, not really digital arts. I hate hipsters. I listen to music most do not listen to. I like pen and paper rpg. I hate sports and cars. Cosplay and Otaku are cool. That chart is crap. I do not like star trek and only empire strikes back. The matrix sucks to me. LOTRs is OK. Tron is cool. I hate office space. Slave Leia is sex. Japan is bad ass. Sort of a vegan. Most technology annoys me at times. Timid. There!!!!!

  47. I think its funny how pc fan boys hat macs so much. If you are truly a smart as you guys pertain to be then you would relies that you can be a mac nerd and a pc nerd. Both os have their differences. If you are not willing to explore other systems then just pc then you are not a geek or a nerd. I used Mac, Freebsd, Linux and pc. programed in all platforms frankly a fanboy is a fanboy. Based on loyalty to a product with only their feelings to aid them. a person void of all logic. P.s Their are mac games as well as pc games. Next you will tell them their are no linux games. LOL

  48. Wow, don't take it too seriously guys! Of course there are in-between people! I would think most of us are; reality isn't black and white. There are many things that define us both geeky and nerdy.

  49. This is WAY wrong, and basically the Americans are the ones making it wrong. NERD has subdivisions, like Gamer, Scripter, Otaku. Geek is just another subdivision of the NERD collective. Everybody is a percentage of some kinds of NERD. Nobody is 100% this or that. In Brazil we know this by heart. Me, for instance: I am a Fanboy/Geek/Gamer NERD (which are NOT pejorative terms).

  50. Yep, this was definitely written by some hipster or someone else who had no clue what they were talking about, in simplest terms the only true difference between a geek and a nerd is whether or not they're cool, it's simple geeks are cool and nerds aren't I know this because that is exactly how I made the transition from nerd to geek I just became cool

  51. i think its funny that the biggest argument here is over computers. maybe im a hipster, or maybe im just a normal ass person. i was a big computer nerd, the one everyone asked for help. actually i have a dell laptop to reformat tomorrow because my friend got a virus. then i bought a macbook. changed my life. i really like apple. its way more user friendly. and when i was considering the purchase to begin with, i compared the hardware to its equivalent on the dell site, and they ended up being the same price once you upgraded the dell to be the mac's equal in performance. apple doesn't sell cheap computers, which is respectable. they come out with new models and discontinue the old ones to stay on their game. don't hate the users just because you have a preference. its ironic that apple users always get called snobs, but i only hear pc users talking down to anyone. interesting.

  52. So, you're saying Geeks are hipsters who wanna be Nerds, but are failing miserably? Yes, I agree, and seeing as how I am a Nerd, I guess I'm not welcome on this Hipster "Geeks are Sexy" site. ;)

  53. Who's the artist for this info-graphic? I looked at the heads of these geeks and nerds and could not help myself. How about a spin-off of "Angry Birds" called "Angry Nerds" but make it a cross between bowling and demolition derby.

  54. the 'geek' list sounds just like some tech orientated hipster. I know people with similar traits, always getting the latest & greatest tech, obsessed with pop culture, pretend they know a lot etc and they all consider themselves to be extremely intelligent but the problem is that none of them are actually that intelligent lol.

    Despite saying all that, stereotypes like these are rubbish (and I shouldn't have stereotyped above, but I find it funny how some people believe this type of stuff). Nothing in life is ever black and white. It's just not possible to slot people into nice little categories since in reality personas are far too complex and are comprised of far too many variables. Unless of course you have some sort of condition where you can't think for yourself.

  55. Nerd: An interest in academic knowledge, and obtaining it… Often this knowledge is in the STEM (Science, technology, engineering, math) fields. Interestingly enough a lot of the traits often attributed to nerds have little to do with the actual meaning of nerd. They are what makes a:

    Geek: Someone with an interest in what are sometimes considered esoteric elements of pop culture. This interest is often fanatical. Some Geeks might believe themselves to be nerds because they work as PC technicians and so on. While some geeks are nerds and vice versa, in general a geek lacks the academic prowess of a nerd.

    Then there are dorks: Socially inept people who don't know when to shut up and stop being annoying.

    To be certain there are nerd-geeks, geek-nerds, nerd-dorks, geek-dorks, and geek-nerd-dorks… But they are distinct terms.

    What is listed above as a "Geek" is really a "hipster", although there are a few details that even the hipster who created this got wrong about hipsters: Hipsters don't wear ironic T-Shirts, they wear t-shirts they THINK are ironic. This is because hipsters really have no idea what irony is. Second, they are not early adopters of anything. They think they are, but usually what they are "early to adopt" is actually stolen from some other group that has a legitimate use for it.

  56. Will Ferris? What's he got to do with anything?
    Nerds and Geeks are intelligent people. Will Ferris and his movies are stupid. If someone says he is a "geek or a nerd", he is not a geek nor a nerd, he is a dork.

    Or a jock..


  57. I would fix the last post, but i dont feel like it.. So im gonna leave it like it.


    Look for my screw up!

    And… GO!

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