Meet Harvey Dent, the “Two-Faced” Kitten!

A couple in Florida got a real surprise this week when their expecting mama cat gave birth to a live, two-faced kitten. Of course, there was no other choice than to name him Harvey Dent, after the Batman villain known for his double features.

Called a “Janus cat” among veterinary circles, the term was derived from the name of the Roman god with two faces.  Though the survival rates for this rare phenomenon are low, several cats with the syndrome have been known to live full and happy lives. One Janus cat in Massachusetts lived up to twelve years of age, the oldest living one on the books, according to the Guiness Book of World Records.

The cat’s two heads function as a single unit. When one side “meows” the other opens its mouth, same with the feeding. The family has been in touch with a veterinarian in their home town of Port Charlotte, Fl, who is working with them on how to give Harvey the best care possible.

[Via Huffington Post]


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  1. Aw poor kitty! The horrible things people said about it! It's a kitten you superstitious buffoons! All creatures great and small, The Lord God made them all.

  2. i was thinking the same thing mue lol , right after i realize it probably parents (they're always a resort no matter what age) and probably an actual doctor , so his solution won't include "put it down".

  3. Sadly, this baby died at only 2 days.
    About going to Craigslist first, instead of a vet… Janus cats are beyond rare, so most vets don’t know much, if anything, about them. You’d have a better chance of finding someone who can point you in the right direction online, where people from various cities, counties, even states, congregate and share information.

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