Search With Your Eyes! Well…Your Smartphone Eyes.

Tom seems to be getting the idea – who needs to fall asleep in boring lectures
when you can add dinosaurs, Yoda, and the Tasmanian devil to the scene.

In a world where we’re too lazy to get off the sofa just to get another drink, technology steps up…and encourages us to be even lazier.

Information hunger will never be sated and the future of the information hunt can be found in the burgeoning trend: “Point-Know-Buy.”

Our fun friends at have decreed that in the coming months, the searching by typing out a few keywords into a google field will become an archaic mode of access. Telling someone to jfgi may end up being as much of a quip as saying, “Go look in the goddamned Library catalogue.”

What we’ll be able to do now is use our handy little smart phones to point at things, get it to identify what the hell they are, and then get it to tell us all about it. What it is, where it’s from, who’s it made by and where to buy it! Why bother scanning through pages of text in a google search when you can just play with the pretty pictures and get the same results?

Breaking it down for us, there’s apps like Shazam which can identify music you hear (from personal experience – an amazing app!) and Heinz’s ‘augmented reality recipe book’ that will cause recipes to sprout from a picture of your favourite Heinz product.

There’s also amazingly practical apps like VizWiz which helps out blind people ‘see’ the world by informing them of what’s on the screen. Pretty snazzy.

So whaddya think? Shall we throw out the keyboard, plug in the smartphone, and enter an “augmented reality”?


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