The Avengers Smell Good

Licensing for The Avengers is in full swing and an unlikely product has come out to promote/bleed the franchise. Cologne! Because geeks need to smell good too!

The four pictured above are the scents and their angle (Be Angry – must smell awesome!) but Loki and Nick Fury will also get their chance.

Robot6 Shares:

The Avengers Cologne Set boasts “four unique fragrances”: PATRIOT, Mark VII, SMASH! and Worthy; you can probably piece together which name goes with which hero. Loki, meanwhile, gets Mischief Cologne (“Made to Rule”), and Fury has Initiative Cologne (“Activate the Initiative”).

Now films don’t have scents to go along with them, but in your imagination I am sure there are smells that you might expect to go along with them.

Here’s my list, and you can decide which of these scents you would prefer to accent your manliness!

Captain America

He is perfect and iconic. He represents everything a country should be. Desire is one of those qualities and while this man is making the ladies swoon, I quite expect it would smell like a musky spice. Stand back ladies!

Iron Man

Tony Stark may be the charmer in a tuxedo, quick with a line and a wink that makes women forget their middle names. But this is IRON MAN. All steel, class, and a splash of colour for style. How he smells however might be something else. That clean sharp smell of steel, but with a hint of hydraulics and industrial lubricant. Oh baby!


Bruce Banner is too much of a bookworm to worry about smelling good, so his scent is likely the smell of his generic brand drug store deoderant. However when he turns into the menacing Hulk, I would assume that deoderant is not enough to keep up and he likely starts smelling like an elephant after a good round of racquetball. Whew!


Gods are perfect. They fall out of bed looking like they were at the gym since birth. Why should they smell bad? Thor’s scent is likely a musky macho smell with a hint of nature’s wilderness to hint at his rough side.

Which masculine hero would YOU want to smell like?