The 8 Stages of Staying Up All Night [Pic]

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        • try CCS I can tell you there are times where you not only have to write that 15 page paper but also construct an entire table from the ground up, build ceramic sculptures that have to be glazed and fired, melt for 6 hours while blowing glass and do a 6 hour photo-shoot documenting the clothing you made all within a 2 day time span your right sounds like cake.

          Not to mention the critiques that the departments heads rip apart everything you make and do every semester immediately following all of the written finals and presentations for all of the art history and philosophy and what nots. fuck you, art school is like doing a medical degree just using the other half of your brain.

    • step one: Adderall
      step two: write write write
      step three: fap fap fap
      step four: write write write
      step five: fap fap fap
      step six: repeat steps 1-6 until done
      step seven: take downer to avoid awful comedown
      step eight: sleep for next 3 days
      step nine: repeat entire procedure until graduation

  1. @Shay A college worth going to is hard to get into
    @Shay Please try majoring from Mines in any engineering, you gon learn today.
    @Zach Cool story bro
    @fyew liberal arts majors dont compare to engineering (at a good school) thanks
    @kaiti I love you

    • Ha! I was just about to comment on the awesome reference to that as well :) Should've known someone would beat me to it!

  2. This only applies to subjects that have a lot of papers, mostly the Humanities, Philosophy, Theology, History, English, Literature, Communications, etc. Next in line would be the Social Sciences, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science (Actually, PolSci belongs with the Humanities in terms of amount of papers since it’s closely related to Philosophy), etc. Last in line would be Management (Accounting, Finance, Engineering Management, Accounting Management, Financial Management, Office Management, Applied Chemistry in Management, etc) and the Physical Sciences (Computer Science, Theoretical Physics, Experimental Physics, Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Computational Science, Biology, Financial Mathematics, Material Science, Chemistry, Information Technology, all of Engineering, etc).

    Am I right? In fact, I think Mathematics and closely-related fields can be separated from the other Physical Sciences (Oh wait, Mathematics ISN’T a Physical Science, is it? It’s the foundation of all Physical Sciences, right?!) since I guess Chem, Bio and Phys have all those laboratory reports.

    • Film and Television studies is up there with English, since it's basically the same thing except you study films instead of prose/poetry/etc.

      I study Broadcast Production, less writing, more film-making. Also, yeah, I'm looking forward to putting that degree to use in a nice, long career at a call centre.

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