Honest iPhone Wallpapers [Picture]

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  1. Eh, the "obsolete" one doesn't work with iPhone, considering you can still use the first generation without any problems. The only reason to upgrade is for new features, but that's your choice.

    I DO need to DL the wallpaper about dropping the phone to a bunch of my friends, because they are clumsy and refuse to put a case on the phone that will protect it. :()

      • Really? Because almost every smartphone out there needs the protection. Doesn't matter if we're talking BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android.

        My cousin works at RadioShack and sees tons of broken phones coming in because people don't put cases on their devices. As a matter of fact, he dropped his Galaxy S2 (no case), and bamn, screen shattered.

        So, I don't think it's unreasonable at all to need a case for protection. I wouldn't carry my camera around in my pocket without a case or my laptop without a bag or sleeve. Why should I carry my phone around without a case?

        • So why would Samsung, Aplle, Moto, etc. make beautiful phones? Cases make them ugly and fat. I won’t waste a penny on a case for my Galaxy S2.

        • Phones never needed cases before, are you too young to remember phones before 2008? I dropped my first phone hundreds of times and it never stopped working perfectly. Now a 2 ft drop will shatter a screen.

  2. Good points all, but my argument is that its lasting power still is not "less than a year" like the wallpaper suggests.

    And yes, apparently it IS ridiculous to have a case that protects, as people tell me. Beauty is more important than money, to most, or so I'm told… I have a friend who thinks it's a waste of money to case my phone in protective gear instead of a sleek designed one. A waste of money to protect my product… strange world…

    • I agree with you, 100%. I think people who are so obsessed with the "sleek design" of the iPhone that they won't cover it up to keep it from being destroyed are high. I like the sleek design, I like that it's slim. I have tiny hands, so it's a huge perk. BUT….I also know I'm human which means I have a tendency to drop things. I'm using an Otterbox Defender series case that my cousin got for free and gave to me, which can be annoying because it's rather bulky (which thwarts my tiny hands), and it's not very aesthetically pleasing, but until I can invest in a slimmer case that offers decent protection, I'm not taking it off because the iPhone casing is made of GLASS which SHATTERS, lol. My case doesn't just "take away the pretty", it also actually makes it harder for me to use my phone, but I'd rather some slight inconvenience than a shattered iPhone and no way to replace it for several *years*.

      Also, I agree completely with the "lasting power" is so not less than a year, especially if it's a newer iPhone. Yes, the original iPhone is not going to be able to keep up with an iPhone 4S, but I'd like to point out: The original iPhone can still do a hell of a lot compared to many other phones. And as for the battery being dead, I can't speak for the original iPhone, but I had my iPod 5th generation for 4 years before the battery died, and all I did was order a kit from online that had a new battery and a special tool to pop the casing. My husband opened it up, slammed in a new battery, and it works better than ever. So, "the battery dying" making it obsolete is a terrible argument for why something would be "obsolete".

      And right now, if you buy an iPhone 4S, it's not going to be obsolete software wise for a damned long time because it has so much freaking hardware power that it'll keep up with the curve, no problem. It certainly won't be "obsolete" in a year. Will there be something more powerful out there? Sure, but that doesn't mean it still won't be a badass, powerhouse phone that can do amazing things.

      But yes, sorry for the obnoxiously long post, but just wanted you to know you are NOT the only iPhone owner out there who thinks protecting their investment is more important than "shinytown". LOL. :)

  3. Those wallpapeds are nice, but they make no sense on iPhones since the ui is full of icons than would render them unreadable. That goes for most Android users as well.

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