Smartphones Are Just Like Cigarettes

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  1. @Synicalsoul. It's clearly not that clear cut, as the site you link to even points out, this is a contentious issue, and I'm not entirely convinced by her argument on this particular matter (though she does recommend addictive as the non-controversial choice for a reason); To quote one of the commenters there;
    I would argue that "addictive" and "addicting" are both acceptable, but they have different meanings. "Addictive" is an adjective used to describe something that causes an addiction to itself, as in "an additive drug" or "television is addictive." "Addicting" is derived from the verb "addict," which means 'to cause someone to have an addiction to something else', as in GG's example "Amy was addicting Steve to Scrabble." Therefore, "addicting" is only correct as a predicate adjective if it's describing a person or thing that gets someone addicted to something else. For example, one wouldn't say "Cigarettes addict children" but would say "Tobacco companies addict children to cigarettes."

  2. I heard a comedian say recently theyre like a penis, fun to play with on your own (or with a consenting partner), but its not polite to whip them out at the dinner table.

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