Must-Watch Short Film: Sons of Chaos [Video]

Biological war has put an end to the world we used to know. The air is now toxic to mankind. And survivors are a mere thousand. Organized into clans, they try to overcome bloodthirsty creatures called the howlers. Every man who wants to protect the people must undergo a dangerous training…

Merci Mathieu!

[Sons of Chaos]


3 Responses to Must-Watch Short Film: Sons of Chaos [Video]

  1. so, this guy trains to help a society or something, yet we don't even hear about the society, the mentor randomly kills himself at the end, and the guy basically is running through the forest randomly from an enemy that never actually attacks him. This is probably one of the crappier "must watch," short films i've seen. Rosa was better

  2. Frankly, I don't see the reason why it is a must-watch short film. It is not shown why they need training. Why the teacher killed himself and why howlers seem like humans too. I think it could have been better if the howler is more like a monster-looking.

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