How To Troll Mac Users

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    • Theoretically, you could pair any IR device with the receiver, but you'd need to set the target Macbook to respond to it. Macbooks are already prepped to work with the Apple remotes. I imagine the default behavior for Macbooks is to respond to any Apple remote, which means that if the owner of your target Macbook owns a remote, he's likely paired the two, rendering this plan useless.

  1. I always take my remote with me to IT conferences, since there are always fellow Mac users there.
    Sometimes I even get lucky and have two of them sitting right next to each other. Extra points for a double. :)

    It's surprising how many of them don't lock down their system to only work with a paired remote – it's one of the standard setup things I do when buying a new Macbook or setting one up for a user.

  2. A friend of mine did that to his friend but didn’t know his iTunes was full of porn. Boy was the class in for a surprise! Haha

  3. How to Troll PC Users:
    Step one: Laugh silently to yourself watching the frustrated PC user at Starbucks.
    Step two: Politely answer their questions about your mac and listen to them explain they've been think about switching for awhile. Then direct them to the nearest Apple Store or Apple Reseller. When they thank you, tell them it was no trouble at all.
    Step three: Laugh silently to yourself.

    • Hmm daleth you forget that PC users dont douche out and bring their stupid Macbooks to Starbucks to show off and tweet constantly about how good their coffee is

    • starbucks is crap lol… id like to see a snobby mac user go to a local coffee shop.. I have seen a mac user or two at the local coffee shop but they were not snobby

    • You do realize that you are actually trolling this new Mac User. Because after he buys his shiny new Mac, he then has to take it home. Then he winds up spending hours upon hours with various tech support lines because his new Mac doesn't work with most of his non-Apple stuff. Which at that point would be everything he owns….

  4. Aw…. you mac users are cute trying to be all insulting to PC users. Speaking as an IT professional that supports a mac network and also as a beginning web developer…. I don’t buy apple products. Ever. No iPods, iPhones, iPads, iMacs…. no mac pros, no mac minis, no iTunes…. none of it. Apple gets none of my money.

    So you mac people go and have fun with your phenomenal marketing scheme. I’ll stick with showing you how it’s done and then going to back to a real computer.

    • I'll give Apple props for their iPods, at least. Excluding the iPod touches, those things last forever. My nano is running on 6 years, and even went through a wash cycle. Other mp3s I've tried don't fare so well.

      • thats cool.. my sansa fuze with micro-sd expansion slot is 6 years and running too, and its been dropped soooo many times lol, oh and I can "legally" connect and add to my playlist from any computer and don't have to "authorize" a computer to do so, love versatility XD

    • Holy shit; I feel bad for you. I hate Mac networks. I much prefer working with Windows or Linux for network management…

      Wait, I prefer those over Mac regardless of what I'm doing. :-/

  5. In all my Mac Labs I've removed Front Row and disabled Remote Control under the Security section in System Preferences. Don't want an entire lab being controlled by a hidden remote :-)

  6. On top of this you get laptops like my Qosmio that uses an independent main media player with an independent remote. It's the only remote that will work on it unless I grant another permission. Like anybody is stupid enough to let an unknown device have permission to access your computer.

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