Synthetic Singer Touring the World [Video]

When the synthesizer came onto the music scene it made a lasting impact. Will synthetic singers and performers have the same effect? The world’s only currently touring synthetic performer, CV01 Hatsune Miku, is brought to life by a software called Vocaloid, which was designed primarily by Hideki Kenmochi. She had a sold out concert in Los Angeles back in August at the Nokia Theatre. With Mikunopolis, this completely digital singer danced on stage as she was brought into being for over 5,000 starry eyed anime fans by a team using 8 projectors that rendered a 3 dimensional hologram of Miku that danced and sang accompanied by a live ensemble band. She is now touring the world, with her next stop in the UK.

Will this be the solution record companies embrace to avoid the ridiculous demands of famous performers? Would you pay the price to attend a concert by an artificially created singer?

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  1. "Would you pay the price to attend a concert by an artificially created singer?"

    i have, and my daughter couldn't have been more thrilled. she was a part of that sold out nokia show, and still talks about it to this day.

    the interesting thing about this, to me at least, is that the software is really only the medium – all the songs miku sings, and the dance moves she performs, are essentially user generated..not made by a record company, nor a band per se, but by 'producers' who are, in many cases, simply just folks like you or i sitting at home with computers and creativity. even in my own household, my 13 year old is creating music and videos using vocaloid software and the requisite video counterpart, and even though she's my kid, and this may be the digital equivalent to taping her stick figure and xmas tree crayon drawings on the fridge, the music and music videos she creates are nothing short of amazing.

  2. Artificial singers. Um… they've had auto tun for ages so would the Spice Girls count. They were pretty damn artificial from where I sit. In all seriousness though it's only a mater of time. The idol phenomenon in Japan and all over the Pacific Rim has been around since I was a kid in Hong Kong. The manufactured stars so fast it made your head spin. I never could keep track of who was hot and who was out. This is simply the next step in the evolution. Now the production companies will own everything including the star.

    North America is no better. prepackaged boy-bands and flash in the pan pop stars have been the rage since forever. And they are just as artificial. The only difference is that the "talent" we have now uses a living and breathing meat bag to mouth the words they didn't write and dance the moves they didn't dream up. All they need is a pretty face who can carry a tune and obey orders long enough to capture the zeitgeist.

  3. I think of it like going to see a someone like Girl Talk. Everything he has is pre-planned on his laptop and his crossfaders are already set. He recreates the music thats on his CD live but isn't like he is playing the instruments or singing samples. He is triggering loops and beat on ableton live or some other software. And i would drive to the four corners of the earth to see a Girl Talk concert (ive seen him twice already and seeing him again new years) Live music is fun no matter if people are blaring instruments (which the people in the video seem to be doing) or if it is pre planned like the vocaloid. As long as its an entertaining or dancable show then im all for it. Its really creative what people can do with the vocaloid software and people will gravitate toward what they like and people really like hatsune miku.

  4. Can someone please explain the technology behind the 3-dimensional hologram?! That’s pretty incredible! Even with 8 projectors, how can the light just stop in the middle of nowhere?!

    • it uses the same technology that lightsabers do to simply stop at the tip.


      the projectors shoot onto a series of nearly transparent screens which are essentially human height on stage, allowing them to project video of the singer (or singers) as they walk and dance about the stage as they perform – not unlike projecting on mist or smoke.

      watch this:

      when theres a great deal of light on stage, the effect is sort of lost, but when its dark or dim, its (super) effective.

  5. I wonder how the band feels about playing backup for a hologram… at least the show-boating and dramatics can easily be held in check.

  6. It's a good revolution.

    Now composers are not bound to find a "good artist" to sing their song.

    What's better than this?

    Yea, some "cool artist" might be afraid that this Vocaloid may overwhelmed the market.

    But hey, if you're good… what do you afraid of?

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