Synthetic Singer Touring the World [Video]

When the synthesizer came onto the music scene it made a lasting impact. Will synthetic singers and performers have the same effect? The world’s only currently touring synthetic performer, CV01 Hatsune Miku, is brought to life by a software called Vocaloid, which was designed primarily by Hideki Kenmochi. She had a sold out concert in Los Angeles back in August at the Nokia Theatre. With Mikunopolis, this completely digital singer danced on stage as she was brought into being for over 5,000 starry eyed anime fans by a team using 8 projectors that rendered a 3 dimensional hologram of Miku that danced and sang accompanied by a live ensemble band. She is now touring the world, with her next stop in the UK.

Will this be the solution record companies embrace to avoid the ridiculous demands of famous performers? Would you pay the price to attend a concert by an artificially created singer?