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Gamma Squad’s weekly roundup of cosplay awesomeness never dissapoints.

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      • blame gardner fox and murphy anderson, they created zatanna, and thats what she looks like. cosplay isnt stupid simply because the costume is simple – that girl is instantly recognizable as the character she is playing, and most likely chose her because she's into her, and that's what its all about.

        just relax and go boggle at that vampirella, and everything is gonna be ok.

      • I kind of get what Brian means. This isn't as hardcore as some cosplayers but I guess we all have to begin somewhere. I am a beginner cosplayer myself but I would never send a photo of my cosplay at the moment as it isn't nearly as good as others. But I guess that's my choice perhaps she has more guts to show her cheaper cosplay off than I do!

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