5 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novel Series That Should Be Put on TV

A great list of 5 novel series that should be turned into television series.  While I agree with this list, the existence of such great original shows as Breaking Bad just makes me wish that maybe we could focus on original programming.

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  1. I would go with:
    1. E,E, Smith's Lensman series – the first and best of the space operas.
    2. Poul Anderson's Operation Chaos/Luna – werewolves and magic done right.
    3. H.Beam Piper's Crosstime series – Wonderful adventures in alternate timelines.
    4. Robert Heinlein's _Tunnel In the Sky_ – The creators of Terra Nova should have adapted this.
    5. Larry Niven's Known Space series – the best aliens and amazing science speculation.

    • I don't ever want to see Codex Alera as a TV series. If you just imagine it translated to the small screen you know it's going to be either majorly rewritten to work as a TV series, or just flat out terrible. The other disagreement is with Bloodsucking Fiends as a TV series. I think that they should just let Moore develop a new and unique project, and I'd much rather see his Pine Cove setting used as the basis for a TV series, though I don't know who they'd get to play the Spider.

      The book series I most want to see done as a TV series are:

      The Marla Mason books by Tim Pratt, because she could kick Dresden around the block.
      The Laundry novels by Charles Stross, but that will have to be a BBC project.

  2. What a garbage list. Do these people even know how to read?

    Bio of a Space Tyrant, Really?

    I can rattle off five better ones without even really thinking too hard

    James White-Hospital series.
    Pern, Duh
    Vinge–Across Real Time.
    Foster's Flinx Series
    Saberhagen's Beserkers
    Saberhagen's Swords
    Piper's Little Fuzzy Series
    Stirling's Island in the Sea of Time series

  3. Opinions are strictly subjective, so no need to flame about what others think.
    My choices:
    1. Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends (as the Summer part takes place after legends…) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
    2. Ravenloft books by various writers
    3. Swords of Corum by David Moorcock
    4. Drizzt Dourden books by R.A. Salvatore
    5. Shannara series by Terry Brooks or Eragon series by David Paoloni (and a good adoptation this time)

  4. David Gerrold – War Against the Chtorr

    This is probably MY favorite sci-fi series of all time that nobody else I know has ever read. I'd love to see this realized.

  5. 1. David Gemmell's Legend should be turned into a movie of mini-series, as for the rest:
    2. I agree wirth Coyote, Terry Brook's Shannara series
    3. Raymond E Feist's Magician books
    4. The Belgariad series by David Eddings
    5. Stephen King's Dark Tower books. I know there was supposed to be several movies and tv series based on this but I believe that's now been cancelled, or the scale & budget reduced considerably. Such an epic set of books needs equally epic effort to get it on screen.

  6. Asimov’s Foundation Series
    McCaffrey’s Pern Series
    Gaiman’s Sandmand Series
    Asprin’s collaborative Thieve’s World Series
    Harrison’s Deathworld Series
    Heinline’s Lazarus Long Series

    Just a start. There are so many more!

  7. 1. Empire of Man series
    2. Honor Harrington series (Epic) (if each book is a season, 12 seasons..)
    3. Dresden Files – (Based on the books, or maybe side jobs, done correctly)
    4. Inheritance Cycle (done correctly)

  8. Disappointing list.

    William Gibson's books would make awesome series, like 'The Bridge Trilogy"

    Even Ender's Game and the subsequent books should have made that list.

  9. 1. "Gentlemen Bastards" the lies of Locke Lamora etc…by Scott Lynch.( Oceans 11 meets Pirates of the caribean)
    2."First Law Books" by Joe Abercrombie..( Spartacus meets Conan)
    3. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan ( Lord of the rings meets starwars meets Highlander)
    4. Star Wars the Jedi Academy series
    5. Name of the wind/ wisemans fear by Pat Rothfuss no cooler charachter than Kvothe.

  10. 1) agree that wheel of time would make a wicked tv series
    2) The series written by robyn hobb, mainly the one with fitz as a bastard assassin to the king. amazing writing.
    3)Sara douglas… ie battleaxe series and others in that world she has written.
    4) Ian irvines view from the mirror series!!! ZOMG bring these on, ie heaps more magic therefore more kick ass effects to go with already amazing stories.
    5) true we should focus on original programming but the entire industry is stuffed for coming up with these stories and implementing them. We only ever manage to get half the show right. Either the actin is great and effects are great but then the story suffers terribly. when we pick already written stories it works because the whole crew just follows a guide.

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