Skyrim: King of Relationship Ruiners [Comic]

Yep, WOW has now lost the first place as the king of relationship ruiners…

[Source: thethirstydude]


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  1. Being gay is awesome. My boyfriend is nerdy too, we both live like college students, and both of us love video games. Our relationship makes frequent use of bonding over video games. Point being, even if your not gay, make sure to find a gamer to spend your life with :P

  2. Or you can do what I do. My girlfriend isn't a gamer at all (except for Rock Band), but I also like to spend time with her when we're home together. So I stay up at night while she's asleep or get up early before she's awake and game then, that way we can spend time together and I can game all that I want without feeling like I'm neglecting her. Win / Win!

    Lacking a good night's rest can have its negative side-effects sometimes, but Skyrim…and my girlfriend…are worth it. :D

  3. Meh, I feel sickly after too much gaming. I earnestly feel like I've just wasted several hours in some kind of game-anxiety. Like the desire to make a few more clicks is actually beset by a subtle anxiety. Like somehow all this time is going to amount to something at the end. But it never does.

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