The Ultimate Best Buy Uniform Prank [Video]

80 people enter a Manhattan Best Buy wearing blue polo shirts and khaki pants. Chaos ensues.

[Improv Everywhere]


15 Responses to The Ultimate Best Buy Uniform Prank [Video]

  1. I feel like this could have been funny, but instead it was pretty lame.
    Not a fan of BB in general, but I don't blame them for being on edge; the place is crawling with small, expensive merchandise.

  2. Definitely could have done more with the video side of this… no customer interaction, nothing hilarious, just a bunch of irritated best buy employees.

  3. I usually enjoy Improv Everywhere, and they even inspired me to join my local Flash Mob organization, but… this one was kind of cruel. Without any sort of humor, and the video was edited to cast the staff in a really bad light… I can't like it.

  4. Is this a recurring prank? I feel like I read this story (about this group) some years ago. I've always wanted to participate. Reminds me of that episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon goes to an electronics store and can't help himself: he ends up on the phone to another store getting a router shipped over for a customer,

  5. The store manager should have told the cops that the people were calling themselves "Occupy Best Buy." That would have gotten the cops to show up with the rubber bullets and tear gas he so clearly desired.

    Personally, if I was runnin' the place, I would have started handing out brooms, dusters and windex.

  6. OK I work retail,and no you can not kick someone out of a store because they have on the same outfit that some what looks like your store uniform. It was funny until the Best Buy "management" started kicking people out and having them check everyone to see if they stole something. Everything has some sort of anit-theft tag or tracker on it.

  7. It made me upset that these idiots called the emergency phone line about a bunch of people wearing blue polos in the store. This is not an emergency situation. If they had to call police (and I thought it was funny that the police officer looked irritated and left because there wasn't actually a crime happening and he didn't need to be there) call the local patrol number, not 911! It's stupid decisions like this that tie up emergency phone lines for people who actually need to use it. /rant.

    • I was shocked. Completely STUNNED, that the cop had a reasonable disposition and didn't, well, be a typical cop. Instead he said there was no reason for them to be there. Damn straight! (Would expect a cop to start tasering and macing and arresting just because they can, it's what they do)

      Completely assanine that they called 911. Like Allie said, that was NO emergency. Whoever asked for 911 to be called should have been arrested. Most civilians are, for tying up emergency lines like that. If nothing else, the city should have slapped a huge fine on Best Buy and let them sort it out internally.

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