The Future of Productivity According to Microsoft [Video]

Here is Microsoft’s vision on what productivity may one day be like… if the Cylons do not exterminate us first, of course.



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  1. Why is it that I have seen this before? .. not this exact movie, but microsoft shows me yet again that it has no real vision for the future.
    That translate-thing in the beginning? .. Google
    Everything is paperthin touchscreens; super-amoled from samsung or e-paper from Xerox
    What do microsoft bring to the table? This movie says nothing about interfaces or how to sort information.
    That engine solution? who draws that 3D image? who looks at images? no one thats who! its all down to numbers about volume moved pr. doller or something like that.

    Microsoft if you want me to be impressed by your interface and programs. Show me something that sorts things beautifully! update the god awful look of your calenders, email clients and office-suite. urgh! they look as 1999 as they interface. Nothing has happened unless you count semi-transparent a happening.

    • its just a vision of the future, from their POV, you cant expect such large leaps in tech over the course of 10 years, people want flying cars but wont take the time to recognize the challenges at hand to even get a small percentage of something like that to even work without people crashing them into a radio tower, or the power it takes to run such a device, the world runs on fossil fuels.. its totally silly :D

  2. They forgot to show all the popup adds hovering in the air all around people, banner adds on the bathroom mirror, and farmville requests on the toilet paper.

  3. Yes, Microsoft, we're all traveling busy executives. Never mind the fact that more companies will either telecommute or use video conferencing. How about that lady who copy/paste things? It either means that there will be absolutely no new information in Microsoft's future (what's written has been written, what's viewed been viewed, what's heard been heard), or Microsoft owns all the copyrights in the world (and what isn't owned by Microsoft is filtered out) because I see quite a bit of "plagiarizing". Or perhaps it's a subliminal message for "Microsoft steal everything and the company hasn't originated any new ideas".

    On the brighter side, I wondered how messed up the web porn would be, hovering around the people?

  4. The only thing about this video that I thought was a cool idea was the family "chalk board" the dad walked up to and changed while talking to his daughter. That would be every house mom/dads dream.

  5. Fingertip tooltips were a bit of an assumption. What if she touched the pie to select it? Nothing left the intuition to the user and was assumed entirely by the software. Same problem with the project concerning the pump. The software only created the illusion that the two operators discovered an efficiency flaw, rather, the software notified them of the optimization and they did what they were told. The line between user friendly and stop thinking was way back there, I think.

  6. Never happen. Apple will sue them Microsoft for patent violations of the floating touch screen smart device interface first.

  7. @DaZZA

    you really think that? if not for the Iphone, apple would have already gone bust.

    Now with Mr Jobs gone, there isnt anything, they might have another 5 years left in them before they cant afford to gobble up any more patents, removing them from the general public, and introducing a new, fucked up system with zero convertability and ability for repair. The less patents those over white, glossed over stone fruit eating fucktards get, the better off humanity will be. enjoy your 4S, probobly the last one you'll use.

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