OmniTouch: How to Turn Any Surface Into a Multi-Touch Screen [Video]

OmniTouch is a wearable depth-sensing and projection system that enables interactive multitouch applications on everyday surfaces. Beyond the shoulder-worn system, there is no instrumentation of the user or environment. Foremost, the system allows the wearer to use their hands, arms and legs as graphical, interactive surfaces. Users can also transiently appropriate surfaces from the environment to expand the interactive area (e.g., books, walls, tables). On such surfaces – without any calibration – OmniTouch provides capabilities similar to that of a mouse or touchscreen: X and Y location in 2D interfaces and whether fingers are “clicked” or hovering, enabling a wide variety of interactions. Thus, it is now conceivable that anything one can do on today’s mobile devices, they could do in the palm of their hand.


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  1. pretty cool. not sure about how practical it is or how many people would want to wear that but this is probably just a prototype deal. ah but there's gotta be an on/off right? either by button or a certain motion and/or proximity of the projection surface. otherwise you might abruptly turn around or look up and project into someone's eyes. I hate walking by projectors and not realizing until I looked into the bright light..

  2. That looks SO useless. Why would I carry that crap on my shoulder when I could just actually dial the keys on my cellphone? I think the only useful thing that it has is the painting on walls, if only the resolution and colors weren't so limited, apart from that I don't see what kind of use that thing could have.

    • "Why would I CARRY a phone around when wired phones work perfectly well?"
      "Computers will never be seen as a staple in households"
      "Television is a fad"
      "The internet will never become widespread"

      All of these things were said when the prototypes were made, all of these are now laughable. It's a Early prototype, give it a chance.
      And when was it ever said that it was for cellphones only, it is an interface for effectively anything.

  3. I bet those giant brick cel phones and car phones looked pretty silly and useless then as well. This isn't even a generation one style device, just a very early development prototype. The possibilities of what the technology COULD do are astounding. Imagine this whole system as a Jawbone style earpiece. Or installed in a set of horn rims. Or as a lapel pin.

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