Stephen King’s Dark Tower Headed to HBO

So the movies will have to wait a bit, until a new studio picks them up. But a miniseries based on Stephen King’s seven-book series, “The Dark Tower”, will hit air on HBO. “We’re going to do with HBO,” producer Brian Grazer said. “We’ll do the TV with HBO, and we’ll do the movie with… to be determined. We’ll do it right.”

Originally planned as a trio of films, the project’s budget has been reduced significantly–down $45 million from initial investments–but Grazer remains optimistic. He also maintains confidence that Roland Deschain will be portrayed by Javier Bardem, which is just fine with us.

If you could cast the HBO miniseries yourself, who would you put in each role? I think I’d keep Bardem, but… but what about Oy? 


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  1. We need no names for this. I heard they wanted to make Susanna white, how would that even work? We all have our own ideas for how these characters looked but you need to keep the basics. I think we could get away with cgi for Oy it's come along way and he could be made to look good. it's going to have to be used for many other characters…spiders specifically… ;) As long as they keep as close to the books as possible i'm good with it.
    Too bad Clint is old now, role was made for him.

  2. I'm totally bummed about this. At first, when it was JJ Abrams at the helm, everything seemed wonderful. Then that went down and they brought in Howard and Bardem… I'm sorry, but I can't really see how this'll end well.

    Eastwood would be awesome in it. I know there's a million reasons why that's not ever happening, but one can dream, right?
    Alternatively, my mother and I think Hugh Jackman would've been good in it, too, since he reminds us a lot of Eastwood, and Roland was basically based on Eastwood, anyway.

    I agree with Psybin, tho' – no names would've been much better.

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