Awesome Batman: Arkham City Costume is Awesome [Gallery]

Lab rat Batpirisss of The FX Lab worked with two other artists to craft this incredibly detailed batsuit, modeled primarily from the Arkham City suit and designed to have a better movement (head, joints) and overall texture than the movie suits. You have to admire the craftsmanship here — it took about 3 months to build all of the parts, which are individual and interchangeable but anchored to an undersuit so it fits the Bruce Wayne-wannabe underneath. Particularly interesting is the way the grid texture is uniform over the entire muscle suit, “to run synced up on all panels as the game suit does.” That’s attention to detail.

There are some close-up shots of the utility belt and cowls (there are two), but a full description of the process and some interesting notes about the Batsuit construction are hanging out in the FXLab thread.


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