iPad Experiencing Pressure From Other Tablets

So it looks like iPads are having a bit of trouble (well, trouble for Apple, anyway) from other tablets.  I personally have never understood the appeal of an iPad.  I hopped on the Kindle bandwagon quickly, and as I already have an iPhone that I’m completely comfortable with, it seemed like kind of an unnecessary investment.

Wouldn’t this be common for most things during the third quarter, though? The author mentions that most of Apple’s iPad sales occur during the fourth quarter, which makes a lot of sense.  I guess my point is, I don’t get the iPad.

[Read the article over at PC World]

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  1. Your link is adding an extra http:// to the URL. "http://http//www.pcworld.com/article/242360/report_apples_ipad_dominance_fades.html"

    It should be http//www.pcworld.com/article/242360/report_apples_ipad_dominance_fades.html

    I don't think the numbers here should be discounted. It is inevitable that the iPad loose some market share. I certainly won't spend $500 on an iPad when I can get two Kindle Fires and still have $100 left over. I already bought my son a Nook, which I immediately flashed with Cyanogenmod. He loves it. In fact, I think I'd rather my kids have these 7" tablets than laptops. They are less expensive, they don't have moving parts, and they will do everything they need them to do.

    The iPad is bound to lose market share to Android tablets in the same way that the iPhone is losing market share to Android phones. Apple has to compete with Samsung, Motorola, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It will still be the number one selling table for a long long time, but I think Amazon is going to end up winning the market share in a few years because Amazon has the eco system that runs on all platforms. Everyone on every platform can access their Amazon digital media. It makes it very easy to migrate to the cheapest tablet platform the next time they need to buy a tablet. Why buy another $500 ipad when Amazon will have a 7" for $100 and a 10" for $300 (probably… haven't released pricing yet).

  2. I'm not entirely sure I understand the purpose of the iPad either. Or just tablet computers in general. If they could get really precise pressure and tilt sensitivity they'd be an artist's DREAM (a reusable sketch, ink, and color pad)…. but just as a regular computer? For portability, a phone would be better. For computer on the go, a laptop is faster and has more option. For reading there's the Kindle/Nook.

    Maybe for businesses though. My Boss has been eyeing tablet computers for some time. He thinks they'll work better for presentations. But probably NOT the iPad, since it's not compatible with his programs. :o

  3. The iPad is the only Apple product we've ever purchased and it's just what we need for travel. No more lugging around a laptop and I have no need to spend what it costs per month to have a smartphone. iPad + Tracfone is all I need when traveling. Would I mind something about the same size that runs Windows 8 instead? Yes!

  4. Well, it’s pretty hard to understand an iPad when you’ve never really used one. It’s a combination of the “always on” and “always connected”. Don’t expect it to replace a PC (or Mac). If you can’t afford it, or don’t feel the “extra device/toy” is worth $500 – don’t buy it. But if you do buy one, it will replace some of it’s functionality. For normal people however, who would use a computer only for emails, skype, facebook, some browsing and playing simple games, it will probably be the best computer they’ll ever have. It’s dead-simple, just works, and they don’t have to worry about virusses. Yes they might need some help setting it up, but once it works, it works.

    I bought one as a toy, but ended up using it a LOT more than I expected, and not for the things I expected it to use for. it’s light enough to carry everywhere with you, and a non-3G version seems a bit pointless to me (that’s personal I guess). It’s just a lot less clumsy than a laptop in a lot of situations, it is quick and dead-simple, and that’s the key. It’s not what you can’t do with a tablet, it’s what you can do with it, and the way you do it: quick, intuitive, simple, casual and non-intimidating.

    And that’s why I don’t believe in Win8 to conquer the tablet, they don’t get it, they still drag the complex desktop along. Microsoft’s first attempt of a desktop on a tablet failed miserably – haven’t they learned anything? Their Metro UI concept on the other hand looks VERY nice, and I wish Apple borrowed some of those ideas, but I’m afraid Microsoft fails to grasp the entire “tablet concept” that is now selling millions of iPads. Win8 on tablet will be what Win7 mobile is: nice, but lacking a few key features to be competitive, hardware that doesn’t do the OS justice, and just a bit too late. I still hope they pull it off, but I can’t honestly say I believe they will.

    I’ve played with the Playbook, Xoom and Galaxy tab and Touchpad (from worst to slightly better) – but none come close to the iPad. And that’s sad. I really look forward to the Kindle Fire, this finally should bring some competition to the table, because I don’t see anyone else doing a decent effort. And competition is needed, as much as I love my iPad, Apple needs a kick in the butt to keep innovating.

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