Real-Life Hoverboard [Video]

Scientists at the Université Paris Diderot have created a hoverboard, that you can stand on and ride.  I am so jealous.  I want this for me.  They need to make one that can go on water though, even if you don’t have power.

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  1. CERN has one of those too, only it's more like a scooter, with a thing sticking up you can hold on to. After seeing it demonstrated several times over the last few years, I finally got to have a go on it a week or so ago. It's fun. :) They mentioned that some astronauts have tried it (probably the ones who took the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the space station, since they came to CERN to see the AMS beforehand) and they said the frictionless feeling of this is as close as you can get to what it's like in space.

    • No No No No

      I have designed a hover board that theoretically works using electric and magnets.


  2. Now they have to solve the problem of creating those super conductor magnets without the need for ultra low temperatures. And also the fact the hover board needs some kind of rails defeat it’s purpose, that is to be used on a regular asfalt or concrete street. I guess back to the future still too far.

  3. Well if American's invented it, it would run on oil, meaning I'd have to pay to hoverboard anywhere, though I am sure the American version would exceed local speed limits and go anywhere…except over water. :P

  4. @David> The French inventors created objects useful and positive in most cases.
    As for the United States the world remember, in most cases, the nuclear bomb and the wishes expressed to the war …
    I prefer to be French, we may be going for idiots but not for gangsters

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