Hurray for Geeky Girls! [Comic]

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  1. The last one resembles the thought i think all male-nerds have. Besides that, according to some physiologists: Humans prefer to "match" with other Humans that have similar characteristics. Unfortunately, how we put ourselves, is subjective to reality. :p

  2. Could it be, relief that not all women are gullible pathetic victims of marketing, living their lives and trying to buy happiness according to whims of asshat marketdroids.
    It nots about geek girls, giving geek guys as change, its about geek girls giving themselves a chance.
    When it comes to sexy, any geek with half a brain knows it is all in the mind and those other organs, well they just trigger the orgasm that actually happens in the brain.

    • Thank you! Beeing a geeky chick, I took affront to the idea that while we were all the things the bunny said, the real reason for loving us was that we were attainable. Which to me hints that they would go for mainstream airheads if the mainstream airheads would give them the time of day, and ignore us geeky chicks. I feel better now. ^_^

      • What guy in his right mind would ever want a boring airheaded bimbo? Sure, some of them might fit the contemporary image of beauty (looking like a prepubescent boy with plums in his shirt pockets), but their utter lack of intellect would be such a turn-off. I mean seriously, you can only have so many conversations about Maybelline, workout plans, and reality tv before your brain begins to melt and run out of your ears. Give me an intelligent woman with a taste in entertainment that runs to the nerdy/geeky any day.

      • Which is recourse to another stereotype, that women who meet the conventional definition of attractiveness are necessarily possessed of an IQ matching their chest measurements.

        Since men are visual creatures they'll notice a woman with nice hair, a 0.7 Waist/Hip ratio and who dresses well (slut chic is definitely out). Of course geek boys generally being somewhat nervous around women are going to need help working up the courage to walk over and say hello. A nice smile and pleasant demeanor will help them get over that hurdle.

        The big question is, do geeky girls really want geeky boys? Or would they, all else being equal, prefer to be courted by the Ryan Goslings of this world?

        • As a woman who married an engineer geek, yes. Brains have always been super sexy to me. I liked Egon in the Ghost busters movies and the cartoon. I heart Abed on Community. I'm into imperfect looking guys who have brains and personality.

          I have a long standing theory that beautiful people, guys or girls, have no need to develop an interesting personality in order to interact with other people, hence, most fail to develop a personality of any interest. If geeky people want friends, they had better learn to be interesting to talk to.

  3. I guess esoteric is being used here in the dumbed-down colloquial sense, right? I mean it's being associated with "geek girls" so it must be. Not like any of these geek girls are talking the finer aspects of alchemical transmutation or Anagogical Gnostic progression. They are talking, rather, about things which are better termed "pop culture". I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but geeks are quite acceptable now and provide the basis for much pop culture and especially internet culture. You may fancy yourself some kind of "outcast" and your knowledge "esoteric" but in truth, you are quite accepted and your knowledge quite common.

    • I think that depends on the level of geekdom. I promise you, my thoughts on the theory of relativity, the possibility of actual transporter technology being attainable and biblical theology aren't all that mainstream. And then you get into my political geekdom in which I can argue the case for Ron Paul, small scale anarcho capitalism and the downfall of the state and you have one extra geeky chick. I also meow and purr like a cat-girl cause I'm into Anime as well. Old school. So I'm not all that pop culture just yet. And If I am, I haven't found it.

      • Even with all that geek cred, you can still find a bunch of guys who would be proud to know you, let alone have a relationship with you. Try being a guy with all that geek cred and trying to find someone to spend time with when most women lean towards what they consider "normal" pursuits. Like finding a bone needle in the Mariana Trench.

        As for Ryan saying geeks are "mainstream" now, I have to call bovine feces on that one. People are claiming to be geeky while wearing mainstream clothing, attending mainstream events, watching mainstream television, and living mainstream lives. These people are NOT geeks. Actual geeks don't fit in with the mainstream, because they have active brains that they actively use in their geeky pursuits, which doesn't leave much processing power for higher level socializing. Someone who plays tabletop rpgs, LARPs, and reads copious amounts of fantasy and sci-fi novels, yet manages to live a mainstream life: you'll only find one of those wanna-geeks in a CW drama show.

        • I would agree with you. I don't think true geekdom is mainstream, I think a tiny bit of geekiness is mainstream. Most people still just don't get it. It seems like every show I like gets canceled (See firefly, Stargate Universe, etc.) and the stuff everyone loves makes me run for the hills screaming. The only reason some seriously geeky stuff like comic book movies and the Lord of the Rings movies got any traction was because geeks now have money, not because people are coming to our side of the verse. And honestly, I'm okay with that.

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