Move over Horsemaning: Batmanning is the New Thing

It’s official, planking, owling, and horsemaning are out, the new cool (and dangerous!) thing to do is batmanning. Check it out:

Please note: If you’re stupid enough to try this, you do it at your own risk. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



4 Responses to Move over Horsemaning: Batmanning is the New Thing

  1. Well, it's official. They've managed to find something that is simultaneously way stupider, and way more awesome than planking.

    Course, you wouldn't have to look very hard to find something cooler than that….

  2. I dont think the crazyness will stop until people are blowing their brains out to see who can make the most mess, then that will probably spawn reaction videos to that too which will eventually make its way into an episode of family guy, or something….

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