The Raincatch [Video]

Raincatch from Hyeona Yang on Vimeo.

This is a fascinating invention that appears to serve no practical function.* The idea: collect rainwater, purify it in your raincoat, and store it to drink through a straw while walking in the rain. I think. As a water purifier, it sounds great. As a raincoat, awesome. But having the need for both at once is not a thing that’s happened to me, ever. Perhaps I’m in the wrong climate. What do you think?

(*Someday this statement will probably end up in the Bad Opinion Generator, but for now I’ll stand by it.)



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  1. The best reason that I could think of for a product like this would be people who are going on longer backpacking trips. The need to stop and purify water would be much less frequent and they could stay dry a little bit longer. :)

  2. Imagine you are on a camping trip, and you are lost or stuck in an area. I have seen many cases where people were in the woods trying to drink water from leaves dieting of dehydration.

  3. This could also be useful in disaster areas where people can't make fires to purify their water yet, but in all honesty if there is a relief agency there to hand these out, then the rain has probably stopped and they probably have trucks there to purify their water…but yeah, hurricanes or severe rain storms maybe.

  4. hmmm I wonder if they could use the tech to absorb and purify body fluids. Similar to the still suits in Dune. Now that would be an amazing survival tool.

    • I think this is just an example of post zombie apocolypse wear. You can drink on the run and never have to go to the store for water during the rainy season.

  5. This sounds like a good thing for campers and survivalists. Water is always one of the hardest things to come across, purified water even harder. Using this, you could not only avoid drinking what little supply you may have on you, but if they added a pump feature to it, you could also use it to refill any water container you have with you, then still have more to drink stored in the suit itself.

  6. it would be much more practical deployed as a tent or tarp, between the collar and the tubes one could not reasonably do any type of real work or physical exertion in the outfit, and at 8 pounds per gallon of water sloshing around in various places in the suit one's balance would be off or the inertia of moving around would cause any type of fine or smaller movements to be somewhat shaky

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