Epic Viking Helmet Features RGB LED Mohawk

OMG! This is the perfect helmet for everyone’s favorite online celebrity of olden: The Technoviking!

A friend sprung this project on us at nearly the last minute…he wanted a light-up mohawk on his Viking helmet. Fortunately he already had the helmet, and we already had plenty of LEDs and raw materials.

[Source: Macetech.com | Via]


7 Responses to Epic Viking Helmet Features RGB LED Mohawk

  1. Ahh, people still calling helmets with horns viking helmets. Vikings never/very rarely used horns on their helmet.

  2. Viking helmets did not have horns. What did have horns were either Bronze Age Celtic Helmets or High Medieval Jousting Helmets. I got to agree, he should have done Techno Spartan or Techno Roman, which is where the crest would actually be appropriate.