The Ink Industry Conspiracy [Comic]

[Source: So… You’re a cartoonist?]

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  1. I just went into a rage. This nonsense kills me.
    I have a Brother, which prints and scans very well. But if you run out of one of the inks, nothing will print. You can be out of cyan and not be able to print black text.
    And I find it suspicious that when I remove a cartridge, I can still see ink in it.

  2. This has happened to me too, it's not made up. And what dano says is also true. I want to print some black&white document, but without a color cartridge in there, it won't print. HP have invented awesome technology to deliver the tiniest drops of ink to the exact right place on the page, but their UI still leaves a lot to be desired, both in the computer software drivers and on the printer devices themselves.

  3. This can be a pain. However, some printers have a 'color ink only' setting that can be used if you run out of balck and white ink and vise versa if you run out of color ink.

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