Internet Explorer 10: The Best Browser of All Time [Pic]

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  1. That's just cruel. With all the slagging off of IE, I am beginning to feel sorry for it. Poor IE, grossly misunderstood and undervalued, your day will come.

  2. People tend to beat on IE, for passed wrongs. If you dislike IE you must automatically dislike Chrome also, as Chrome has had simular problems to IE.

    But seriosly, there is much less difference between web browsers now than what there used to be, What people should look for is the feel.

    Unless you've been using Firefox recently and LOL'ing at the frequent updates and crashing.

    For me the choice is clear – I don't, and have never liked the feel of Chrome, so I don't even have it installed. I have previosly mainly used firefox, and IE & Opera for cirtain things. Recently, with the annoyance of not being able to perform basic function in firefox im hitting the IE button more and more.

      • I use mostly Firefox and Chrome occasionally. I find that Chrome is the best for no-nonsense, easy and fast browsing.
        But I still prefer Firefox as I think it's more powerful and customizable. My only big Firefox gripe is about memory leak problems.

  3. I did agree with thw ‘IEs not actually that bad’ camp, then I ‘upgraded’ to IE9 wherein websites like ebay and twitter don’t actually work so, for me, it is indeed time to move on once again…

    • yeah upgraded to 9 then downgraded(on home pc) thought about gettin chrome(its wat i use at work) or do firefox again(b4 i got a new computer, i had firefox)

  4. Ironically, EU users pretty much already got this delivered in the Browser Choice Update (KB976002), and it is the most goddamned irritating BS ever foisted upon us by the courts. It somehow actually managed to be WORSE than just leaving IE installed.

    • did you read the other post? I tried nine and aprently few other people that wrote on here did too. i dont think that its faster but even if i give you that what about all the other problems it has random crashes, not properly loading a good chunk of web pages, not properly oping apps ( such as facebook apps ), freezing and a list of other problems. I have never had good luck or had good experiences with IE i cant remember that last time IE was good. I use Chrome now and I can honestly say i have never been happier its faster user friendly and offers a lot more the IE could ever dream of. i mean if you look at it IE keeps on taking the good ideas of FF and Chrome and try to make it there own and they still screw up if you are happy and think that IE is a good web browser then i dont think you have tried many others.

  5. I do not, and never liked the feel of Chrome, so is not yet installed. I previosly used primarily Firefox, IE & Opera for cirtain things. Recently, with the inconvenience of not being able to perform the basic function of Firefox im hitting the button IE more and more.

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