Hard Drive Recovery Services [Comic]

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  1. hahahaha when i make a recover like guy of the cartoon :P i save all files on my computer >:) late and check what have of good and whats not :P and i save the hot pics or somethings games or programs that guy had on the disc xD! hahahaha >:)

      • I *think* he said he's an asshole. Loosely translated:

        "When I perform a recovery like the guy in the right in the cartoon, I save all of the recovered files to my own computer. Later I check to see what's good and what's note. Then I save the hot pics or other things like games and programs the other guy had on the disc! hahahaha."

  2. I'm a geek that likes to write stories, and I certainly wouldn't want anybody seeing some of them. It's why I plan to have Dad bring my old laptop to my house before he tries to recover anything off it, so I can make sure he doesn't snoop anywhere as well as telling him what to copy off for me.

  3. encrypted HD, with 2 backups and incendiary + emf traps to slag them if tampered with. Over kill? Yup. But its a matter of principle to keep my porn collect… errr financial & other sensative documents out of prying hands.

  4. Actually any competent tech will open up at least some of the files, to make sure they're not corrupted. I usually just randomly open up some innocuous looking Word or JPG files in several different folders, as a spot check.

    • Right, "competent tech" and "innocuous looking" being key phrases in your sentence. In the cartoon, he threatened to copy over everything…

  5. Worked at a tech shop a few years backs; techs look at all the stuff and get tons of MP3's among other things off of customers' drives.

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