Hard Drive Recovery Services [Comic]

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  1. hahahaha when i make a recover like guy of the cartoon :P i save all files on my computer >:) late and check what have of good and whats not :P and i save the hot pics or somethings games or programs that guy had on the disc xD! hahahaha >:)

      • I *think* he said he's an asshole. Loosely translated:

        "When I perform a recovery like the guy in the right in the cartoon, I save all of the recovered files to my own computer. Later I check to see what's good and what's note. Then I save the hot pics or other things like games and programs the other guy had on the disc! hahahaha."

  2. You could probably tell him exactly this and he'd still be none the wiser as to what you've done with his files.

  3. I'm a geek that likes to write stories, and I certainly wouldn't want anybody seeing some of them. It's why I plan to have Dad bring my old laptop to my house before he tries to recover anything off it, so I can make sure he doesn't snoop anywhere as well as telling him what to copy off for me.

  4. encrypted HD, with 2 backups and incendiary + emf traps to slag them if tampered with. Over kill? Yup. But its a matter of principle to keep my porn collect… errr financial & other sensative documents out of prying hands.

  5. Actually any competent tech will open up at least some of the files, to make sure they're not corrupted. I usually just randomly open up some innocuous looking Word or JPG files in several different folders, as a spot check.

    • Right, "competent tech" and "innocuous looking" being key phrases in your sentence. In the cartoon, he threatened to copy over everything…

  6. Worked at a tech shop a few years backs; techs look at all the stuff and get tons of MP3's among other things off of customers' drives.