Political Party Wants PowerPoint Ditched

A political party in Switzerland has a set of policies that could fit on a single bullet point on a single presentation slide. And that’s appropriate given the party’s sole aim is to get rid of PowerPoint.

Strictly speaking, the Anti-PowerPoint-Party wants to get rid of all presentation software. It believes that 95 percent of presentations would be more effective if the speaker relied simply on a flipboard and marker pen. The logic appears to be that such presentations would be more varied and effective compared with PowerPoint, which is so predictable that it automatically bores the audience and thus makes communication less successful.

It should be noted that PowerPoint producers Microsoft have cynically suggested the political party is simply a marketing trick for party president Matthias Poehm’s $40 book on the subject.

According to Poehm the aim isn’t to seek political power but rather to gain enough supporters that the APPP becomes the fourth-largest party in Switzerland by membership, thus guaranteeing the media will have to take the party seriously.

Unfortunately for the party, anyone who wants something banned is often challenged to come up with a better replacement. And if this example of a straightforward presentation with no technological assistance is anything to go by, that might be a tough call:


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    • I think the underlying point (unwittingly displayed by Mr. Poehm) is more or less what you said here. Hard work can be put into a powerpoint presentation, but often isn't because we believe that powerpoint automatically makes the presentation better. A crappy delivery is still a crappy delivery, whether you use powerpoint, a flipchart, or finger puppets. (Frankly, I'd much prefer more finger puppets in my meetings.)

      This guy is such an effective communicator that he convinced me to use the pause button in just 1:49. Now, that's the power of persuasion at work.

  1. "There is a GAAAAAAAAAAASP solution to our GAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP problem. We need to GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP start talking about this."

  2. Yeah, because Acrobat, InDesign and Flash don't exist, "better head for the caves and chains of the 1940s and even 1800s of professional business presentation…" Zzz.

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