Where’s WALL-E? [Pic]

(Click image to embiggen.)

Things you’ll look for right away: WALL-E, Bender Bending Rodriguez, Daleks, c3PO.

Things you’ll see before all of those: R2D2, Rosie, Sonny.


If you need an even larger version, check it out here at 1450×987.

[Hopewell Studios via G.TDW]


14 Responses to Where’s WALL-E? [Pic]

  1. I cracked up seeing Bubo in there. Also especially pleased to see Tom Servo and Atlas. But where's GLaDOS? And Data?!

    Pretty awesome pic. Somebody has some talent and a lot of time. :D

  2. I was especially pleased when I saw Kryten there and also the robot from "I robot" (can't remember the name). I'm little bit disappointed not to see there any borg, but when I think about it, they are more like cyborgs than robots, so it's fair enough I guess.

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