15 Things You Didn’t Know About Outer Space [Infographic]

Well, kind of. You probably know some of these (thanks, Alien!), but there’s interesting info between the points that are pretty obvious.

(Clicking the image will take you to a slightly larger version.)


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  1. I am disappoint. Cool infographic, but I knew at least half of these, and was vaguely aware of most of the rest… I think the point about the black holes is misleading however, as two black holes would likely not merge (though that's not to say it'd be impossible, just improbable), but would kick each other apart once they collide. http://www.universetoday.com/13002/what-happens-w

    The only one that caught me by surprise was the cold-welding. I'm kind of interested in the science behind that…

  2. Just a note about about number 3, while it is true that the moon is drifting away from the Earth, the process is slowing down and eventually it will stop moving further away altogether (in other words, we aren't going to lose the moon).

  3. The fact that Jupiter's volume is larger than the volume of all the other planets combined does /not/ mean that all the other planets would fit inside Jupiter! Saturn alone, for instance, would take up enough room that there'd be no place to put Neptune or Uranus.

  4. Of course most asteroids are found in the asteroid belt, it's cause asteroids are (now) defined as small, rocky bodies that orbit the sun from the inner solar system. The probably more numerous icy-rocky bodies in the kuiper belt and oort clouds, including Pluto, aren't technically considered asteroids. The only other bodies that fit the definition are the few dozen or so trojans that loiter in Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars' lagrange points.

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