Puerto Rico Comes to the iPad

If you’re a fan of Puerto Rico (the board game, not the country, though the two aren’t mutually exclusive) then you’ll probably be happy to hear that Puerto Rico the Board Game has launched as an iPad app. The original version was ranked by boardgamegeek as #1 for eight consecutive years; the app has big shoes to fill if it wants to satisfy fans of the IRL version on a digital platform, but so far the game’s creators–and launch-date sales–speak to the app’s successful translation.

Andreas Seyfarth, the creator of the original board game, commented that “this conversion was really successful.  All the game play modes have been enhanced: Online mode, Solo mode, multiple difficulty levels – everything is there.” Noted for its complexity, Puerto Rico finds sweet simplicity as an app on the iPad.  With a built-in tutorial for those new to the game (or anyone who needs a quick refresher course) the app brings to life the world of Puerto Rico and allows them to share their experience with fellow Puerto Rico fans all over world.  Staying true to the original game the application version doesn’t lose any of its luster which Seyfarth applauds, saying “The conversion of the rules and the game play is impressive, the developer really did a great job.  Now I have to get an iPad just for Puerto Rico”

If you aren’t familiar with Puerto Rico, here’s a quick rundown:

Sailing to the shores of Puerto Rico players put their entrepreneurial skills to the test as they take on roles of Captain, Settler, Prospector, Builder, Mayor, Craftsmen or Trader in a multi-player, multi-task setting.  But choose wisely! Your role may dictate your victory. How do you win? Well as they say, to the victor go the… victory points? Yes! In this game, wealth is measured in more than just doubloons.  Conquer other players by accumulating the most victory points through the construction of the grandest buildings, harvesting the most fruitful crops and shipping the most bountiful harvest back to the Old World – all of which is only a finger tap away on the new application for iPad. Strategy, creativity and some luck may just make you governor of the island.

The game is insanely addictive, but not necessarily simple. And given the endless variety of tactics, it’s replayable as well.

You cick up the app here or the board game here.