Android vs. iPhone: Battle of the Mobile Operating Systems [Infographic]

It seems every day there’s a new study pitting iPhone owners against Android users. Here’s the latest, from the fine folks at hunch, which points out the obvious: we all judge each other people by their phones. It’s unfair, but this self-selecting sample of survey-takers says it’s true.

If you need a larger version, check it out on hunch.

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  1. These are always interesting to look at… As an Android User and Owner (Tablet/Phone) who converted from the iPhone, it is cool to see the things I match with… and the things that are way off.

    As a creative person and geek (Artist and Developer… I know right??!?) I never seem to fit anywhere!!

  2. I think I'd have to disagree with about half of that. The one that comes to mind is Android users being 50% more likely to use Yahoo mail?? That doesn't seem to make sense.

    • agreed google accounts are synced to android phones… also "57% more likely to prefer an ugly device that's full featured"? rly? some of the android phones are really hot, just because they are not a 1 model only, it makes them ugly? i know we're all different, but i prefer HBO over comedy central..

      tbh, im finding that surveys nowadays have really skewed results due to them using similar subjects from one area vs different regions/locations /rawr reptar g2g back to work lol

      • You've got that idea of the question of "ugly" wrong. It was not saying that Android phones are ugly. They would have asked which would you rather "an ugly phone packed with features" or "a sleek phone with just a few basic features". Andriod users have answered they rather have the features; which makes sense to me as an Android user who chose his phone for features and it happens to look nice too (HTC Legend)

  3. I disagree totally with this study. As an fervent Android user, I find myself matching with most things of Iphone users.
    So this study is trying to tell us that Android users are dumb???

  4. Android will win the phone market. Simply by sheer numbers. However with the moto buyout things have gotten weird. If Goog alienates their OEM's they are screwed. Google has an industry building up around Android. Apple can not compete against an industry. Apple CAN compete against an individual player. So where this goes from here…who knows.
    As for tablets. *facepalms and rubs his temple* I just picked up an Asus Eee Pad Transformer on Thursday. Honeycomb is a massive POS. Simply taking a picture, rotating it, uploading it, and trying to share it out was an act that took over an hour to do because first off the photo gallery showed my pict as rotated perfectly fine. Trillian on the tablet on the other hand showed it rotated 90* to the right. I uploaded it to picasa then tried to share it from Trillian. Kept hanging on upload. OK then I figured OK lets just share the URL from the picasa and share that. Wait….can't find anything in gallery that allows me to snag a method to share the URL. OK what about that share button in gallery….Gooles, Camera Zoom FX, Picasa, Bluetooth, Google+ Tweetcaster, gmail… Trillian. OK. I know. I open up Dolphin HD and go to picasa. And try and cut and paste the URL listed in the share box in the individual picture. can't cut…WTF. Spent 10 minutes trying to cut in various ways. Nope. OK maybe an issue with the browser. Lets try the browser included with Honeycomb. Does that work? Yep! Cut and past the URL to my friend and send….they respond 404 FNF….WTF. So I got to my main computer and compair URL's. The fucking browser on honeycomb isn't selecting the entire URL. just what is seen in the txt box. Anything that scrolls off the edge of the box is cut off. And no way for me to select the entire thing. I end up e-mailing myself the damn URL and THEN sending it to my friend. An hour to send a picture because multiple apps aren't seeing a picture rotated to the correct orientation. (This wasn't just Trillian BTW.) Do you think I would EVER have such problems on an iPad? Unless Google fixes this POS OS I would say abandon the tablet market. Because I SERIOUSLY was about ready to throw this thing through the plate glass window and go buy an iPad. Fortunately my absolute hate for Apple cleared my mind and I continued on. But really. Android is fantastic on the phone, but sucks money butt on tablets. And after 6+ months in the market I would expect many of the issues to have been resolved. I don't know if el Goog has abandoned Honeycomb for Ice Cream Sandwich, but I don't care what has to happen….fix this crap.

  5. wait a freaking minute. 80 million questions….based around 70,000 users from 2009 – 2011, with the core OS questions occurring between March – July '11. Yah this is about as accurate as Faux News surveys.

  6. It said 700,000 users, but yah I've never even heard of and am pretty well traveled on the internet.

    Studies like these cram statistics in ways they weren't mean to be compared and produce results that … don't mean anything. Even if these statistics were an accurate representation of all Android and all iPhone users (and they can't possibly be), any one category could be said it's true, but not multiple in combination… these are logical OR statements, not AND. The vast majority of us out there equally fall into both sides of the list. Bad execution here.

    The kind of methodology that goes into something like this is offensive to begin with and isn't really useful to anyone, even marketers.

  7. Hunch? offer recommendation? do they even know about Stumble Upon?

    I find myself not fit in any category. i am UI Designer and programmer.

    50% more likely text while driving. i guess that make most of them ignorant to life and safety of others.

    and it is no fair to show selective information.

    I guess this survey is done, approved and published by apple/iphone user?

  8. at first i thought this is a parody on all these stupid comparisons about win/mac users, because it got more and more reddicioules as i scrolled down. now i am really dissapointed not to find a joke at the bottom.

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