Legal Tender Star Wars Coins Issued in Pacific Island of Niue

Not too long in the future, on a tiny island, far  far away, Star Wars fans will be able to purchase limited mint copies of silver-plated coins featuring Luke and Leia and R2D2 and C3PO. The Pacific Island known as Niue is issuing the coins as collector’s items — a collection of four silver $2 coins costs NZ$469 (£240) while silver-plated $1 coins cost NZ$23.50 (£12) each.

The first 10 silver-plated Star Wars coins will be available in November with a further 30 to be issued in the future.

A maximum of 50,000 copies of each silver-plated coin will be produced.

No more than 7,500 of each of the silver coins – which contain 1oz of the precious metal – will be produced.

Residents of Niue are citizens of  New Zealand; Queen Elizabeth II, who appears on the reverse of coins, is head of state.


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