Hyrulian Biology 101: Magna Arbor Vitae Deku [Pics]

Oh, be still my geeky heart. His Judeness–aka The Jude, El Juderino and Jude Buffum–drew Magna Arbor Vita Deku, this “sprawling exploration of the evolutionary biology of the 200 most important species from the Legend of Zelda video game series” for the SUPER iam8bit art show. The Deku Tree of Life even lists the binomial nomenclature of each creature(!) and Jude explains that “[f]orks in the branches indicate an extinct common ancestor of the species that follow.”

As a biology geek and early fan of all things LoZ, I couldn’t think of a more awesome contribution. Jude will be selling a very limited run of fifteen prints at the show, but says prints will be available through his site later.

You can see a much larger image of Magna Arbor Vitae Deku.

[His Judeness via technabob]