AT-AT Rose Tattoo [Picture]

It seems that adding flowers to your Star Wars-themed tattoo designs is a big fad these days

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[Via Dorkly]

2 Responses to AT-AT Rose Tattoo [Picture]

  1. A "fad"? Really? I've had my Vader with hearts and roses for 3 years, courtesy of Adam Hays at Red Rocket Tattoo in NYC…and I know he was doing them long before I came along. He specializes in combining traditional tattoo artwork (e.g., roses) with Star Wars themes…. And he is awesome, both artistically and as a tattooist. He also did my Deathstar tramp stamp:

    [Edited to correct spelling of Adam's last name — sorry Adam!]

    • While your tattoo is nice, it's not even close to being a "schematic" … especially in the electronic sense. Hip? perhaps. Schematic? definitely not.

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