Geeks are Indeed Sexy: The Geeky Tattoos Edition [Pics]

Last week, I sent a call out asking you guys to send in pictures of some of your geeky tattoos, and boy was I surprised by the volume of submissions I received (over 75!). Obviously, I can’t post all of these pictures, so I had to reject a few, but don’t worry, I plan doing a few other posts like this one in the near future. Ok, now to start things off, the tattoo you see above this paragraph is Miranda’s awesomely sexy Boba Fett tattoo. Never thought I’d say that a Boba Fett tattoo would look sexy, but this one indeed does!

Many thanks to everyone, and also to Andrea for his awesome stormtrooper helmet among roses tattoo.

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  1. ok can someone tell me why an Atheist tattoo is in the mix of nerdy/geeky tats? I'm all for expressing yourself but fail to see how an atheist tat is geeky/nerdy/ anything having to do with gaming….

    • Just a submission I added to the mix to have a little diversity :) It shows the evolution of Man at the same time, so it's kind of geeky…

  2. I want to meet Nicolas (Death Eater tattoo). I have the same tatt, along with my Grim Squeaker one (my friend actually asked me tonight – "How come you didn't upload your death eater one?" – I considered it, but decided on the Grim Squeaker)

    I love all the tattoos. :D Nice post, GAS <3

  3. "Kat – A Sexy Twi’lek sitting in front of an Imperial Cog Background" – interesting, that's MY commissioned (to my specifications) piece by Jeff Confer of which he makes ONLY one piece so that they are original, one of a kind pieces! Nice to see it ripped off on a very shitty looking tattoo! The aurebesh writing…"bad girls have more fun" Thoroughly annoyed, but at least I have the satisfaction knowing it looks like utter shit and you're stuck with it for quit some time!

    • Did you post it online? Unfortunatly that shit happens then, which still makes it a very annoying thing to happen. At least you can take comfort in the fact that this one is done shitty

      • Yes, it was posted on rebelscum in the artist's threads – he does that to show the progress of his pieces to his clients to make sure it is according to plan. And yes, unfortunately you are correct about it happening all the time…I just feel violated…it's like plagiarizing, which I teach to students NOT TO DO!! That it is the stealing of ideas and it is legally (by University standards) and morally wrong. And you are correct again, it is a very SHITTY tat ;)

        • It's not a masterpiece in the first place lol. Did you really think that no one would ever copy it if they saw it? I'm sure it;s no worse than your effort. You should be pleased that someone else liked the idea enough to get one done…..

        • To KC and the sunshine band: Yeah, no masterpiece, just like your grammar, horrible sentence structure, and your piss poor efforts of trying to make sense. Did I say it was a masterpiece? No. Have you even seen the original to even be so bold as to speak about it like you know what it looks like? No. Effort? What are you even talking about? The art of writing is to explain your thoughts to the reader in a simple, easily understandable manner…you cannot even do this simple task. Poor, poor thing. As for being happy that someone likes it…why would I even care?? You, KC, are just another example of an ever increasing population with poor critical thinking and reasoning skills. It might behove you to actually use your brain to think before you speak…again, another simple task that eludes you. tsk tsk.

  4. Melanie is my long list twin. We look so much alike its freaky. Right down to the facial piercings I used to have that she still has; even the same jewelry. I must find her!

  5. my most recent tattoo is an amino acid string on my right forearm. it spells out 'adams penny' with the single letter initials.

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