Antimatter Explained: Something from Nothing [Video]

The Big Bang is a complicated thing to explain, and try as ou might, there’s always a misunderstanding about what “something” versus “nothing” means and how one came from the other. New Scientist is running a month-long feature on existence, including articles about consciousness and the plurality. But the thing that caught my attention was this explainer vid about the Big Bang, which does a serviceable job of breaking the quantum physics of the early universe into parsable bits that help make sense of the enormous question of how.

The accompanying article, “Why is there a Universe?“, goes a bit deeper than the video and discusses symmetry, quark-antiquark pairs, quantum uncertainty and so forth. The entire series is worth reading, but the beginning of the universe itself is probably a good place to start.

[New Scientist]


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    • If Atheists have the "rights" to disrespect Theists, vice versa, why do Theist not?
      After all, we came first to being. And after all, everything Atheism stands for, has been "fortold" by prophets.

      • Exactly – Atheism IS a religion. Most are deep enough to understand that though. (They get mired in unimportant stuff like dieties, the defining point of any religion is not a deity, it's faith, and athiests require faith because they can not prove their ultimate claim. And the vast majority don't even understand most of what is behind their claims, they just parrot what they heard on TV or the internet that was watered down and aimed at the layman.)

  1. So none of us exist…wow that's deep…or retarded! Even if all of this came from little energy sprouts…where did they come from? I don't care how it happened…God still made it happen. Period.

    • yea so if god exsists, what was he doin before the universe was created, just sittin around wackin off? yea… period

    • Exactly. And the fact that people such as Stephen Hawkins made the claims as he does, just goes to show how big a paradox the human thouhts are;
      At one point we have logic saying: "You can't go further. This is out of your comprehension".
      At the other point we have scientists who attempt the illogical: To define the universe as once being NULL – Nothing.
      Pretty silly, if you ask me.

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