Anger All the Geeks at Once, You Will [Picture]

I suppose this pic could be used to test a person’s awareness of the barest facts of pop culture, but mostly it just serves to annoy and amuse those who do get it.

[via Glenn Rogers]


19 Responses to Anger All the Geeks at Once, You Will [Picture]

  1. They forgot to anger the Trekkies… Have Gandalf raise his hand and give the Vulcan hand sign. That'll do it.

  2. Someone else did something like this with a batman/spiderman/superman mashup. I think I remember one with Firefly/Star Trek/Star Wars too. I love these!

    • And maybe put him in a browncoat, just to get the Firefly folks, too…

      On the other hand, that one, they(and by they, I mean I) might actually appreciate…

  3. This is right up there with the Ben & Jerry's Boba Fett fan-fake flavor. Boba Fett didn't freeze Han in carbonite…Vader did!!!

    • I'm with you, Mike. I keep telling myself that I should have learned to not even look at these trollquotes things by now. But I guess I'm just thick-headed. *twinge* ha ha *twinge*