CIA [Comic]

As usual, the tooltip is the best part:

“It was their main recruiting poster, hung up nearly ten feet up a wall! This means the hackers have LADDER technology! Are we headed for a future where everyone has to pay $50 for one of those locked plexiglass poster covers? More after the break …”



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  1. Haha that is a good one!
    For everyone who doesn't understand.

    The news reporters reported that their WEBSITE was taken down.
    regular people see it as hackinginto the CIA computers.

    And computer people(hackers) know it was probably glorified and what is actually plausible would be a poster being torn down

  2. Ah Adrian, that was my assumption, I thought I'd missed a deeper, nerdier joke, seemed a bit too obscure to me!

    Oh well, at least I don't need to lose sleep now ;)

  3. For anyone who doesn't get this;

    A website is not something that is difficult to bring down if you have a big enough botnet to do it with, all you have to do is effectively… rip it down, like a poster. Brute force rather than "hacking".

  4. The "normal" guys thougt "Oh no, they hacked the CIA, how evil they are!"
    The "computer experts" think "Great, those eeeeeevil h4xx0rs managed to kill a website…"

    It's about the same like "I broke into a high-security building" and "I drew something ugly onto a building."

  5. My $0.02 by way of explanation:
    A website is sorta like poster. It's a computer set up to send a pretty page or two when someone asks for 'em. Thus it is rarely your most secure or powerful box (unless it's used to store/disseminate important private data like an ecommerce site with people's credit card info) For these, the aforementioned, and other reasons it means taking a website down, and usually even rooting the box, is (theoretically) trivial.
    The joke is that – while this is basic knowledge to some people, "normies" just hear the words, "hack" and, "CIA"
    Brilliant presentation, btw.

  6. Ha ha ha I don't know if this is how your meant to interpret it but I read it as the poster being a cover up website one that doesn't hold the information as the CIA but a just for show site that civilians can look at. Hence it being a poster site like a community billboard of a government sector.

  7. I think I can explain it better than I already have actually.

    When making a picket line it is (to my amatuer understanding of the UK law) a crime to cross it. You can stop a company from working effectively or a school, etc by doing this, it is a form of peaceful protest. (As long as the authorities are informed that you are doing it.)

    A DDOS attack on a website is similar in regards to this, by blocking the path to the website by overloading with traffic, or getting in the way of people trying to access it, like a picket line.

    In any case, Watt Smith has it down to a tee.

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