New Diablo 3 Gameplay Video

The folks at Blizzard have just released a new video taking a good look at the Diablo 3 beta. Check it out, this looks pretty awesome:



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    • That the only monster you saw in this that was from D2? Really?
      What's wrong with that anyway? What would a sequel be if it didn't at least reference the previous games. It is set in the same area of the same universe after all, I would be surprised if the adventurer of D2 wiped out ALL the quillboars….

    • In other news, there are still Zergs in Starcraft 2, there are still koopa troopas in every Mario title ever released, and there are still angry birds in Angry Birds.

      Unlike the malcontents, I look forward to playing D3 when it comes out. I just hope the ultra-rares would show up more in single player mode. (I've never gotten a SoJ except in multiplayer games!)

  1. I don't know whtat's so "awsome" about this. If they spent over 10 years in making this… Well, we could say the've been procastrinating for good. Looks just like D2, but with better graphics. If you want grapchics you can just pick Sacred 2, that has even an expansion (and a pretty awesome number of bugs) right now. I was looking forward to something like an online Hack n' Slash.

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