Question: Are Internet Explorer users dumb?

I’ll just leave this link here and let you guys figure out why such a thing could be true (or not!) in the comments.

Are users of other Web browsers smarter than the people who use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? A new survey doesn’t quite say so. But it sure as heck suggests it.

The survey by AptiQuant, a Vancouver-based Web consulting company, gave more than 100,000 participants an IQ test, while monitoring which browser they used to take the test.

The result? Internet Explorer users scored lower than average, while Chrome, Firefox and Safari users were slightly above average.



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  1. It could also be the fact that IQ tests, especially online, are timed. The faster you get the test/question done, the higher your score will be on each correct answer. Internet Explorer is significantly slower on loading, which in turn, lowers the scores those people get.

  2. What a bunch of horseshit. Not that I can't believe that on average smarter people will seek out new browsers to use rather than the default IE. But labeling this as legitimate. This company is just a rabble-rouser trying to get some attention to their company and they stylize this on their webpage as a press release for a study.
    And their product? Glorified personality tests for corporations.

  3. Are people who go out of their way to find a better option smarter than those who stick to inferior products simply because they are the default?

    Of course.

    This isn't to say that those who stick with the default are less intelligent; rather, those who are apathetic or remain uninformed due to lower intelligence will stick with the default, thereby dragging down the average intelligence. If you could somehow weed out the apatheticly uninformed, I suspect the average IE user IQ would rise sharply.

    <- Chrome user with IE stripped from his system.

  4. Thumbs down on this article. The browser a person chooses to use doesn't necessarily reflect on their intelligence. (It depends, a Linux user like myself wont be using IE since it isn't worth getting it to work in Wine.) This is purely coincidental, plus, there are different levels of intelligence. Are we talking overall intelligence? This if anything may prove how savvy users are compared to the browser they use, since there are plenty of people who wont even change their browser

  5. Probably a statistical anomaly: with IE, chances are they were testing botnets rather than actual people XD

    Worth nothing, though, there's no such thing as "IE": the study looks separately at IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9, and whereas IE6,IE7 and IE9 score clearly below average, IE8 is clearly over it (?) and keeps a strong market share through all IQs percentiles, and higher even than Safari's and Camino's for the highest IQ percentiles, despite the fact that those two were selected by the authors as the best examples. I guess there's an IE8 feature to activate the "P2P IQ" boost. Also, it'd be odd that high IQ people preferred IE8 to IE9 (newer, easier and with more features), yet they do. Oh, wait, perhaps it's just a matter of adoption. How did they control for the "crap you have to use because you're forced to" factor, or the "I survived Ubuntu's user-friendliness, now wanna enjoy my life" factor?

    The study also shows that IE users with Chrome Frame (together with e.g. Opera users) score very high. I guess they are dumb people with sudden intelligence seizures? Factors much stronger than IQ influence browser choice, such as peer pressure, habit, compatibility issues, corporate policy and compatibility issues, apart from compatibility issues.

    Smart guys may not use IE, but the question remains whether a smart guy would do any better in an online IQ test using IE6 than a dumber guy, and obviously this survey, which is anything but scientific, doesn't even try to find out. I agree with Synister Noble that IE may set an IQ performance upper bound, the same and equally low for all subjects, so that no difference should follow based on IQ. But we simply don't have IQ data on each browser for each individual, so results can't be compared.

    Plus, sampling factors clearly play a role: is the ratio of high-IQ, IT-professionals using high performance browsers the same as the ratio of high-IQ, non-IT professionals using those browsers? Because I am positive there are e.g. a million cars a high-IQ automotive engineer would never drive that a lot of high-IQ computer engineers, however, are driving like, supposedly, complete idiots.

    Again, how did the study control for "this is my life, this is what I do" effects?

  6. "And users of Camino, Opera and IE with Chrome Frame had exceptionally higher IQ levels." **cough cough**

    It's just a bit of fun

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