Feedback: Offline vs. Online [Comic]

[Source: So… You’re a Cartoonist?]


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  1. Combine the snobbery that is the art community with the stupidity that's the internet community and this is what you get. Putting your art online means you have to have a thick skin. You just can't take half (more like 90% really) of what they say seriously. They're either trying to make themselves feel better by saying something nasty to you or they're trolling. Just gotta ignore it!

    Good critiques are so hard to come by! :-/

  2. Well I don't have a problem with internet critique on art so long as you post it in actual art forums. For instance I post my Pixel Art on Pixel Joint and they are a very helpful community. I find Deviant Art isn't a bad pace either. I just don't post there because compared to most people there I know my skill sucks!

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