Hot Lady Chewbacca Cosplay [Pic]

For those who missed the awesome SDCC galleries we’ve posted over the last few days, hit this link up for tons of other geektastically sexy pictures of various female and male cosplayers.

[Via OB]

11 Responses to Hot Lady Chewbacca Cosplay [Pic]

  1. Anorexic, fake boobs, too much make-up, Meth/Grandmother arms, doesn't even know who or what chewbacca is.

  2. I hate this comic-con hoes, they take away the fun of it. They just go there to feed their egos, not really because they're real fans. Sucks.

  3. her again? this is better than her sexy mario costume from anime expo la, but dear lord, she's a ringer, not even a fan….tiresome.

    oh, i'd absolutely destroy it, but still.

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