Captain America Contest: What’s in the box???

Dear ladies and gentlegeeks,

Recently, our friends over at Neatorama got this exciting mystery box from Marvel and Hasbro and they’re inviting Geeks Are Sexy readers to take a guess at what’s inside. Those who participate get a chance to win some pretty cool prizes.

Here’s how to play. In your comment, enter:

1. What you think is in the box – either a real guess or a funny one
2. Something from the NeatoShop that you’d like (any 1 item in stock, $25 or less)

We’ll pick 3 random correct answers – those winners will get whatever they put down. We’ll also pick 3 of the funniest but wrong guesses – those will win stuff they choose from the NeatoShop.

One set of guesses per comment, please – though you can enter as many time as you wish. Entries without a box guess and a NeatoShop item forfeit the prize. Please note that to participate, you have to leave a comment in the comments section below, and NOT ON FACEBOOK. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow us to hold contests directly on our fan page.

Good luck to everyone!


280 Responses to Captain America Contest: What’s in the box???

  1. It's the presskit from Hasbro. Has a bunch of figures, a mask, shield.

    I'd like a Figural TARDIS Mug if I get picked.

  2. Obviously, a whole Captain America costume (shield included). Hopefully sexy geek female version :)

    What about a LED Flashing D20 Die? Please, bring me to light!!

  3. I think the front looks like cardboard. I'm guessing that it'll contain a comic collection, an action figure, and a helmet mini.

  4. It's totally Steve's/Captain America's girlfriend. Because she wanted to come out of the "closet/box", and what better way to do that than on Neatorama? It's neat! Seriously, how does Captain America not have a female love interest by now? Marvel is all over that with all the other Supers.

    I would love to get the nananana Batman! Wallet please!

  5. I bet it is actually from Lucas trying to be funny and announcing the uncut original theatrical cuts in the blu-ray release :D

    Star Wars Darkside – Stainless Steel Water Bottle

  6. An action figure of Cap choking out the Red Skull, a commemorative mug, a $50 gift certificate the the Burbank P.F.Changs (I'm a whore for the spiced lamb) and an autograph from T.N.A. Wrestling's Gunner

  7. Hero Mask, Capt America Action figure, disc launching shield, Winter soldiers action figure, another cap fig, make that three more cap figs. However if I didn't know already I would have said:

    Your own personal Super Soldier Serum, circa World War 2. Results may vary, contact your Dr if your skull turns red. Also included your own vibranium shield. Lastly an Avengers decoder ring.

    Neato wanted (for my newborn daughter) –

  8. It could be could even be a boat. =)

    I think its either shoes or its the shield and some other gizmos.

  9. I believe it is the Original Captain America Action Figure

    and If I am so fortunate as to win, I'd like: Star Wars 4-Piece Collector Glass Set:

  10. A line item receipt from Eccentrica Gallumbits, the triple breasted whore of Eroticon 6.

    I’d choose the Tardis mug…


  11. It is Detective Mills' wife's head! Don't open the box! If you open the box Kevin Spacey wins!… That was a close one. Can I have an "I heart robots" t-shirt?

  12. Nike's New Air Americas, Which would be way more intresting than a press kit from comic con with like figs and a sheild laucher.

    I would like a enterprise pizza cutter.

  13. In the box: The Disc Launching Shield better be in there

    From the shop: isn't the TARDIS Ice Bucket the coolest thing ever?

  14. It contains a top of the range, inflatable Cpt. America (batteries included ;-] ) for the lucky, single woman (or man)

    From the Neatoshop, I'd like, if back in stock, Mouse Paper Clip Cup (pink and/or grey) or, if those are still out of stock, a chicken tape dispenser or the Owl Kitchen Timer or Sundae Towel Treat (choc or strawberry) or a Horse Head Mask

  15. An Assortment of Cpatian America themed prophylacitcs and acesories sponsered by Trojan. Now including the Captain America all american flavored condoms, the Red Skull vibrating wand o'joy, and the Captain America themed diaphram.

  16. An Assortment of Captain America themed prophylacitcs and acesories sponsered by Trojan. Now including the Captain America all american flavored condoms, the Red Skull vibrating wand o'joy, and the Captain America themed diaphram.

    hip hip array t-shirt 2xl black

  17. I think there's a mural in the box… It's folded into the red, white, and blue box. This mural is 20 high and 30 long and made of velvet… it depicts captain America brandishing his might red, white and blue shield while riding on the back of Hulk, who is rearing back like a majestic stallion, eyes wild with rage, Captain America's faithful steed. There are gold thunderclouds in the background on a inky black sky made of the natural velvet. The stormy coulds are shooting lightening the color of Mace Windu's lightsaber, a BRILLIANT purple! There are piles of evildoers surround the pair and a triumphant smirk mars the face of our hero.

    OR there's a Captain America shield that launches disks and a captain america action figure.

    I would love to be the proud owner of a Figural TARDIS Mug.

  18. In the box is the collective good ideas from DC drained by Marvel spies so they think the Year 1 reboot is a good idea.

    Tardis Ice Bucket is awesome.

  19. While in some ways it DOES look like a press kit from Comic Con, I believe that it is a portable kit designed to make any man you choose take on the chiseled oh-so-HOT look of Chris Evans on the Captain America posters. The kit may or may not contain top-secret material from the Super Soldier project to transform the object of your affections, and most likely contains make-up from Sephora to simulate the look :(
    Neat Stuff:
    $25 gift card because nothing I want is in stock (or under $25)!

  20. This is Al Gore's ironclad lock-box. It contains the Rose Law Firm's records from the Whitewater scandal, Obama's original birth certificate, and a map of the location of Jimmy Hoffa's remains.

    "Great Vocabulary didn't save the thesaurus from extinction" Men's XXL T-Shirt White

  21. Schrodinger's cat…which may or may not be wearing patriotic undershorts when you open the box…

    reptangles would be cool.

  22. Shield that shoots out disks, Captain America's Mask, A little airplane, and some action figures.

    Star Trek Enterprise Stainless Steel Water Bottle

  23. I would love it if the box contained Captain America destroying all Daleks forever!

    And I would love a Tardis Mug. :)

  24. Enough cash to pay off the U.S. government debt. Of course that means that the box measures several hundred feet and is stuffed with $100 bills.

    I'd like the disappearing TARDIS mug.

  25. It's a life size cherry gummy red skull, with a giant Captain America shield lollipop made with pop rocks so it "sparks" as you lick it like the shield sparks when thrown and ricocheted.

    I'd LOVE a red Dalek action figure.

  26. Shield that shoots out disks, Captain America's Mask, A little airplane, and some action figures.

    Star Trek Enterprise Stainless Steel Water Bottle

  27. I believe its going to be a 12" Captain America figure with shield,changeable hands,removable helmet,Guns, and a bunch of other goodies haha

    I would like one of these for the kitchen, I believe it would make the wifes cooking more interesting haha…Captain America – Be The Hero Apron

  28. It's a ruse. It's really a Lone Star State Welcome Kit. Inside is a "Don't Mess with Texas" bumper sticker, rubber galoshes in the shape of cowboy boots, and a replica of the Alamo made out of beef jerky.

  29. High end Captain America figurine in Avengers movie uniform.

    And I fancy me one of those Doctor Who disappearing TARDIS mugs.

  30. It's a Steve in the Box! Much like your average Jack in the box, except Steve hurls a star spangled shield at whomever turns the crank!

    Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Tin (Green)

  31. I think there's an actual piece of set prop in there, just for you. The energy cube, or the stage mask, or a recruitment poster?

    And I know I would love the Disappearing TARDIS Mug.

  32. #1 – It's totally Captain America's soul (look along the edges, you'll see it!)
    #2 – The fisticup (hot coffee fist pump!! com'on who's with me!!!)

  33. It is obvious. They have sent you the cube of power. Now give me a Star Trap III – The Living Dead Search For Spock Poster.

  34. A blood soaked shield and whats left of Michael Goldenberg testicles for ruining the Lantern. Superhero revenge!
    T-Shirt: Zombies, Eat Flesh

  35. Something from the Green Lantern movie because, no matter how much we all love Ryan Reynolds, that movie just WON'T DIE!!

  36. A miniature figure of Gabe Newell, complete with 174 interchangeable hats!

    I'd like the Bib Sofia Pink Lollipops Apron :) (adult)

  37. 1.) I think the box contains a black hole which crosses the time-space continuum ('cause it's all just wishy washy timey wimey stuff) which, once opened, will suck the guys over at Neatoshop into an Alternate Universe in which The Avengers are trying to defeat Loki but keep being thwarted and they heard from another Norse god who is secretly helping them that over in our universe there is a prophetic foretelling of their adventures and they want geeks who will be able to relate to them the story of Loki's defeat and how it must be done. Remember to study your Avengers history before opening the case!

    2.) I seriously considered asking for the marvel tumblers, but then I saw these:… and I started drooling blood. Zombie sandals, please!

  38. I guess that it is a figurine scene depicting Captain America standing atop a pile o' dead Nazis.

    If I win I would like the cuebot.

  39. A carton of vintage Captain America Underoos! <– Preferably unused.

    My pooch and I would LOVE to have the HOT DOG LEASH. And if you're feeling extra generous, the FINGER TENTACLES to freak out my wife.


  40. This is Michael's Spirit Guide Morn…. I'm looking into the box now, And I see…. I see…. a CAPTAIN AMERICA SANDWICH. It's got to be Steve Roger's lunchbox!! :D Michael would like to own an Android Mini Collectible-DIY because that would be cool.

  41. It's boxed awesomeness that should never be opened because the awesomeness is so great that it would overwhelm reality and tear the fabric of space and time, creating a vortex into a parallel universe that creates awesomeness in such magnitude that it will never be repelled, thus making this dimension so lame that it will cease to exist. Please, whatever you do, do not open the box.

    Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

  42. A Captain America dvd set, a costume, and an action figure.
    And for the $25: either the Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight (Anakin Skywalker) or the Lightsaber Chopsticks

  43. It contains an I.O.U. from the American government which sold Cap's shield years ago to the Bolivian National Disc Golf Team who have remained undefeated ever since.

    I could live my life well with the Ninja Turtle Tumbler set.

  44. A few action figures and toys and a Disc Launcher Shield.

    I would like the My Babushka – Wooden Russian Nesting Doll

  45. Your kid's very own Super Soldier Serum home kit. Tired of your child sitting and reading comics all day? Have them join the War on Terror! Hasbro and Marvel are not responsible for any side effects including but not limited to muscle gain, increased speed, and erectile dysfunction. Contains small parts and should not be used by children under 3.

    Lightsaber chopsticks.

  46. I think there is my super soldier serum, a big bottle of Whiskey , I don't get tougher but i think I do :)
    and from the Neatoshop – t-shirts (XXL) flying monkeys & I'm Not 50. I'm $49.95:(m)

  47. Either of the following:

    Red Skull’s red skull

    Full Captain America costume w/o shield (unless inflatable or foldable)

    Captain America themed merchandise (books, posters, shoes

    Press kit from Hasbro. Has a bunch of figures, a mask, shield.

    President Obama, he’s the real Cap’.

    Steve Roger’s shrunken penis (
    Fat and stupid (Because Americans are)

    A set of Captain America comic books

    DO WANT:

  48. 1. In the box: An American flag (made in China), a real bleeding heart, a copy of Noam Chomsky's 'Manufacturing Consent', a coupon for a free Big Mac, a gas card, a smartphone pre-loaded with Facebook and photography apps, a ticket to the season premiere of American Idol, a signed photograph of Jesus blowing up an abortion clinic with his zombie-jedi mind powers and a can of beer named, simply, "tits".

    2. Neato Shop Item:

  49. A set of awesome Captain America collectibles: Hero Mask, Deluxe Mission Pack Glider, Giant Super Shield Figure, Super Combat Figure, Heavy Artillery Figure and a Disc Launching Shield.

    And if I get picked, I'd also like the Figural TARDIS Mug. Yay for Doctor Who! August 27th can't come soon enough!

  50. I'm going to have to throw another guess at this and state that Pandora is in there. Jeez, you never know what is going to happen if we open that thing…. So I think we shouldn't..

    Harry Potter Sorting Hat

  51. The box just holds Cap's rainbow skull collection. He has a lot of them including the rare Indigo Skull. Just needs one more to complete the set.

    Schroedinger's cat wanted dead or alive, XXL

  52. In the box: A captain america hero mask,
    deluxe mission pack Captain america toy with air assault glider
    Winter soldier action figure
    Captain brittain action Figure
    motorized disc launching shield
    oversized super hero squad captain america with glowing shield
    oversized captain america with grapling hook launcher
    and the nifty box it came in.

    On neatoshop:be the hero spiderman apron

  53. 1. acne cream for the probably nerd who will be receiving this prize (hope it's me!)
    2. Human Skull 3D Anatomy Model

  54. 1. I believe it is the man who played Steve Roger's skinny body inside of that box.
    2.If I am chosen, I would like the Spider-Man Be the Hero Apron

  55. I believe the box if filled with an assortment of : (1) Captain America Hero Mask , an assortment of action figures as follows: (1) Air Assault Glider (1) Winter Soldier (1) Captain Britain and possibly (1) Super-Hero Squad action figure and perhaps (1) Hero Power Captain America action figure.. and maybe a Captain America Disc Launch Shield?

    I would LOVE to be able to take home the REMOTE CONTROL ZOMBIE! If I happened to guess what's inside the box correctly.

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