Captain America Contest: What’s in the box???

Dear ladies and gentlegeeks,

Recently, our friends over at Neatorama got this exciting mystery box from Marvel and Hasbro and they’re inviting Geeks Are Sexy readers to take a guess at what’s inside. Those who participate get a chance to win some pretty cool prizes.

Here’s how to play. In your comment, enter:

1. What you think is in the box – either a real guess or a funny one
2. Something from the NeatoShop that you’d like (any 1 item in stock, $25 or less)

We’ll pick 3 random correct answers – those winners will get whatever they put down. We’ll also pick 3 of the funniest but wrong guesses – those will win stuff they choose from the NeatoShop.

One set of guesses per comment, please – though you can enter as many time as you wish. Entries without a box guess and a NeatoShop item forfeit the prize. Please note that to participate, you have to leave a comment in the comments section below, and NOT ON FACEBOOK. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow us to hold contests directly on our fan page.

Good luck to everyone!