How People See Me When I Fix Their Computers vs The Reality [Pic]


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  1. so true lol, my neighbor once asked me to remove a virus and fix his internet, so im like "sure" took my stuff over took care of it, so he was like "thank you, appreciate it! u should probably due this as a side job, then he asked me random stuff on how to avoid getting "errors" and "hiccups" and what should he do to keep his stuff safe…
    i thought to myself "dude, really?"

  2. True.
    I guess this is because most people can barely open IE to surf the web, if you ask them to open the control panel then they think that's for tech support guy!
    TBH most of the repairing (including my own PC) is done via google search. lol

    • I have had to spend two solid evenings getting my mac back to normal after its hard drive failed, restoring my time machine backup and fixing all sorts of syncing issues with the restored set up. Trust me, Macs have errors.

    • ha ha thats why hackers are targeting macs now smart guy read the news your faith based os is going down faster than a hooker on the corner

    • It's a computer made with the same parts as a PC just with a different OS. Also just like Brian said as popularity for the Mac grows so do the Mac based threats.

        • no beezledrop is right its the same part as a pc there just the more costly parts. However, if you know wth you are doing you can build your own pc for half the price that's just as good if not better then a mac. hate mac fan boys ooooo i have a mac im so tec savvy my mac cant get hurt…i cant blame them totaly the ads mac vs pc's did not help with this

    • Never had a virus on my mac, ….and I have a network with four macs running in my gaff. The statement might seem naive if you are basing it on a semantic issue, …but I'm afraid – for the majority of people – what mariowiz has said is true.

  3. I've been using Windows enough now to know how to fix most every problem except for ones when there are error codes. Then I resort to the Microsoft Error Code database. But other than that, I can sadly say I spend waaay too much time on my computer and know how to fix things.

  4. Asking Google is way better than calling tech support. I already know the first thing I should do is turn it off and back on again.

  5. Bwahahahaha! This really IS how it is! I think most people could use Google to repair their computers if they weren't so gosh-darn afraid of the things. They seem to think there are mystical magically forces going on inside them that Ordinary People Shall Not Touch. xD

  6. Yea, I have had to google a few 0x errors. Well as Albert Einstein said, "Never memorize something that you can look up."

  7. usually techies know what to Google and the average person doesn't, you have to know the terms. They'll search a bunch of irrelevant things/add too many words. leave the whole question for Yahoo! Answers or (god help them)
    I get a good laugh at the computer questions on Yahoo! Answers. :)
    "My computer is being…… STUPID?!?!"
    and all the time confusing speed of computer with speed of internet connection and thinking one affects the other. eh you can't expect everyone to know everything but it'd be nice if they'd try to know the basics :/

  8. wajajaja soo true. but that's cause people don't understand technology i think they do believe there is a self-destruction button if they don't do things right. i usually just go around trying stuff and of course googling it. if you know how to use the command prompt they will probably think you are in process of hacking FBI

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